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Understanding the benefits of using an Instagram Marketing Service is a giant leap forward in your marketing strategy.

Instagram has around 500 million active daily users, so it’s no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes use the platform to grow and develop.

Instagram wasn’t developed to spread brand awareness or build online empires. It began life as a space to share photos of any nature around the globe, but at some stage during its 12-year history experts realized its marketing potential.

We know all the secret Instagram marketing tips and tricks.

So, read on to discover how to generate more leads on the social media platform. And why an Instagram marketing service is the key to taking your account to a new level!

Are you new to Instagram? After reading this article, we encourage you to read our article about tips for beginners.

Use a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a term for prompting a specific response. It could be a “buy now” or “contact us today” button on your content or profile. These buttons should lead to a specific topic rather than general web pages.

You can add CTA’s to your posts, stories, bios, and buttons to your Instagram ads. Our digital marketing service can provide top CTAs in optimum positions.

An Instagram marketing service knows how to use calls to action and contests. Read more on that now.

Do a Contest or Giveaway

Giveaways are arguably the easiest yet most effective way of generating Instagram leads.

There are many reasons why businesses do contests and giveaways. It could be to gain followers, promote brand awareness, or increase sales.

If you want to grow your Instagram account, there are some tips and techniques you must follow – and it’s all in your giveaway rules.

To enter the giveaway your customers must follow, share the post, and tag friends or family. It increases your engagement rate, keeps your loyal following happy, and exposes your brand to more leads.

Now, learn how an Instagram marketing service can utilize lead ads from this popular social media platform.

Utilize Lead Ads

Instagram lead ads are the most popular and evident way to gain leads on Instagram. That’s why there are over 2 million advertisers on Instagram every month.

This Instagram marketing technique helps you discover more about your audience. It collects customers’ information, such as their age, emails, jobs, and general location. You can learn more about your potential customers and improve your marketing campaigns.

Once you connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page, you’re ready to go and start utilizing lead ads.

Now, read about how an Instagram Marketing Service can capitalize on Instagram stories.

Capitalize on Your Stories

Instead of trying to find new customers, use the followers you already have to create more leads and a loyal following. Loyal followers will generate more leads and outcomes in the long run.

The “Swipe Up” feature is an effective CTA you use in your stories. Promote your content with a photo or short clip and tell viewers to swipe up for more information. Now, you can even add shoppable stickers to your posts.

The optimum size for Instagram stories is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels.

316 Strategy Group is an award-winning Instagram Marketing Service in #Omaha. Learn more about why using a professional company has many benefits and can help take your business to new heights.

Whether it’s setting up the perfect Instagram profile, running lead ads, or running a contest using a professional Instagram marketing service is your next best step!

Use a Professional Company

After reading our marketing guide, you should know the importance of an Instagram marketing service. Your account receives all of the above and more to the highest standards. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger.

So, contact us today for more information on growing your business and getting the most out of your Instagram account and take it up a level! And don’t forget to ask our team about the exciting benefits of SEO for your business in Omaha!

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