Capturing images of your company’s assets are valuable marketing tools for telling your story and attracting new clients in the digital sphere. Easier said than done, though. Capturing the “perfect image” is essential to the success of your digital strategy and social media programs. Successful digital storytelling starts at the conference room table where we listen to the vision you have your small business. Successful storytelling requires a thorough understanding of the company’s vision and today’s digital and social media landscape. Consideration for how the photographs and imagery will be used is critical to the success of your story. Images on Instagram are much different than those used on a web-site banner. From social media platforms to color management to staging the set, not all storytellers are the same. You need a digital team who has the background, experience, skills and creativity to capture the essence of your business and the story you’re about to tell the world.

The best images of your company are authentic images which include your team, clients and products. Stock photographs are often flat and send a business as usual message to your prospective customers. Your business is as unique as you are, so your message to the digital world should be unique and creative too.

The 316 Strategy Group teamed up for a product photo shoot with 621Gifts.Com. They were resolute in capturing an image that reflected the uniqueness of the products they carry in their online store. After much deliberation, staging of the area, and lighting the set we captured a beautiful image that accurately reflects the company’s vision. We think you’ll feel the same.

Check out a few samples below

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