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Learn how to use reels on Instagram and your engagement will skyrocket! A recent study showed that Instagram carousels are one of the most engaging post types.

A picture is worth a thousand words. At 30 frames a second, for up to 15 seconds, Instagram reels are saying a lot. If you use them for your business, so can you!

You might be wondering why you should bother using reels how to use reels on Instagram if you can just use carousels. To find out how to use reels on Instagram like a pro for your business, keep reading!

Consolidation Using Instagram

Now that “reels” are out, you might as well consider carousels a thing of the past. Reels have exploded onto the scene and they’re helping to push people’s online presence and businesses further than people imagined.

Reels are only Instagram’s answer to TikTok, however. During the final months of President Trump’s administration, he tried to put an end to WeChat, TikTok, and other apps owned or invested in by Chinese companies.

This, coupled with Instagram’s (Facebook’s) desire to get in on TikTok and Snapchat’s action spawned “reels.”

It’s is fantastic news for companies, which now need to focus only on one app, instead of create followers and build a channel on a completely new platform. Consolidating your marketing focus has now never been easier, due to reels.

Take advantage of the situation! It’s the Twitter version of videos and people are hooked.

Use Instagram’s Tutorials

Don’t jump in without getting educated about reels.

We make sure to educate ourselves on our careers before we jump into the deep end. Why wouldn’t you educate yourself on your platform for engaging with your future customers? It could end up saving you in #blunders and #fails.

Make sure to keep practicing before you send out your first reel. Try out different effects, font styles, and music.

Disappearing text and other effects may seem gimmicky. But they can bring your message out in a way that connects with your audience in a short and sweet direct video message to your audience.

Repurpose, Republish, Recycle

Use your reel in other places than Instagram alone. Send it in newsletters, YouTube, embedded in your website’s pages and blogs, and more.

However, a word of caution is in order. Video produced from outside of Instagram on other platforms can look grainy due to reprocessing. Try creating content for Instagram reels first and then using it elsewhere, instead.

Whatever video production you use for Instagram, make sure it’s good quality.

How To Use Reels on Instagram the Right Way

Megan, a social media manager at 316 Strategy Group, uses Instagram Reels to increase engagement for her clients.

Now that you have an idea of how to use reels on Instagram, you can tell there’s a lot more to know.

316 Strategy Group is here to be the best digital marketing company you’ll ever need! We are an all-in-one digital marketing firm, managing social media management and SEO, Graphic and web design and development, and more.

Only getting introduced to Instagram reels isn’t enough. It takes a complete digital marketing package to be a success in today’s world. 316 Strategy Group is Omaha’s best social media company. Connect with us now and see what 316 Strategy Group can do for you, today!

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