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Omaha Fireworks Location Announced by Twisted Thunder Fireworks, the state’s fastest-growing fireworks company.

OMAHA, NE (Monday, June 07, 2021) – Founded in 2018, Twisted Thunder Fireworks has earned a reputation for offering higher quality products and more selection at a better price. Their commitment to this simple philosophy is gaining the attention of avid fireworks enthusiasts across Nebraska and the country, too.

“The crisis of poor selection and high prices are in plain sight, and there’s no time to waste,” Steffen said as he announced the Omaha location Monday morning from his office in Omaha, Nebraska. Twisted Thunder Fireworks will open its newest location on June 28th for the 2021 fireworks season. Conveniently located in the northwest corner of the Westroads Mall parking lot, consumers will enjoy a wider selection at a lower price. “We’ve been working on an Omaha fireworks location for some time now, it just made sense. Our Omaha customers deserve this and we couldn’t be happier about the announcement. This is good for Omaha.” Steffen said.

“The crisis of poor selection and high prices is in plain sight, and there’s no time to waste,” Steffen said as he announced the Omaha location Monday morning from his office in Omaha, Nebraska.

Co-founders Ryan Steffen and Mark Texel first set out to help put Nebraska on the map. Initially focusing on smaller rural markets, Twisted Thunder concentrated on perfecting the customer’s experience. Avid enthusiasts themselves, Steffen and Texel aimed to give Nebraskans a better fireworks shopping experience. “We noticed this massive gap in the market from a product quality and performance standpoint, as well as price,” Steffen said. “While some companies might just carry one or two brands, we aim to offer more variety. We cherry-pick from at least 25 different brands around the country in order to find the very best products.” Customers in Omaha will notice a variety of products and brands they’ve never seen before.

“We cherry-pick from at least 25 different brands to find the very best products for our customers.” ~ Ryan Steffen

High-Quality Products at Lower Prices

Twisted Thunder prides itself on being there for the customer with price, quality, and hand-selected fireworks products. Steffen recalls a customer saying, “You’re just doing it better. Better products, lower prices, better customer service, and a better overall experience.” Steffen said. “It’s comments like that further your commitment to operating the best fireworks company in Nebraska and across the country.”

“We have to act, and we have to act now. People want a larger selection at a lower price.”

How does Twisted Thunder Fireworks compare in price to their competitors in the Omaha fireworks market? “The “Excalibur” is the #1 selling artillery shell of all time & is a very popular choice in the Midwest,” Steffen said. “A sleeve of Excaliburs are commonly sold for $100 or more throughout the country. We’ll have the lowest prices in the state this year. Our customers really do get more bang for their buck.” Steffen and Texel agree that Excaliburs will always be a popular choice for artillery shells but are quick to remind their customers of other options. “We have eight to ten options which are better than Excaliburs,” Steffen said. We pride ourselves on superior products and selection…at a great price. Our Twisted Thunder customers deserve nothing less.”

The shortage of fireworks can be felt across the country this year. Texel said Twisted Thunder will be ready to serve them and have plenty of products on display including rockets. The recent passing of LB152 deems rockets legal throughout the state of Nebraska. “This news is huge for fireworks fans across the state,” Texel said.

Raving Fans

Twisted Thunder has quietly built a legion of raving fans throughout Nebraska and across the country. Their iconic logo is easily recognizable and appealing to both children and adults. From artillery to smoke bombs to novelties, Steffen and his team at Twisted Thunder Fireworks thoroughly analyze each product offered. “Customers deserve high-quality products at a good price. They work hard for their money.” Steffen said. Steffen and Texel are still getting used to seeing customers wearing their merchandise, too. “It’s something we didn’t expect. Our customers feel part of the Twisted Thunder Fireworks family. Seeing them wear our hats & shirts will never get old.” Steffen said. “We’re thrilled to bring the Twisted Thunder Fireworks brand to the Omaha fireworks scene.”

Catering To the Customer

Twisted Thunder Fireworks caters to a very unique and customized fireworks shopping experience. The business not only provides a traditional fireworks stand experience but also the ability to purchase online and opt for delivery or curbside pickup. Each product on the website also features a video so buyers know exactly what they’re getting prior to purchasing.

Twisted Thunder’s newest location will be open from June 28th to July 4th. To view products, watch videos, or to place an order online, visit https://twistedthunder.com.

For questions, contact Ryan Steffen at 402-318-5227 or [email protected]



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