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Professional Logo Design Has Advantages 

There are so many ways any business owner can design their own logo online: Canva or Adobe Spark, to name a couple. I’ve even had a client whose logo they designed on Custom Ink when they ordered their t-shirts. When they wanted me to design a sign for them, they needed me to go back onto Custom Ink to find the same graphics and recreate the logo because they didn’t have access to a file they could email me.

Just because designing a logo online yourself is free and sometimes easy, does not mean it is the best route to go. What is the difference in designing your own logo versus hiring a professional graphic designer? I’ve listed here three advantages of professional logo design.

Logos Created to Fit Your Exact Needs

Unlike an online site, a professional graphic designer hears what you need and works to help your ideas come to life. We had a client ask us to create a honey label for them to stick on their product. The client was a bee farmer, and his last name was of Irish descent, so his main request was to have an Irish-themed honey label. A quick google search shows that this isn’t a common request, and therefore probably not available on a free online logo-builder.


Logos & Graphics That Won’t Be Found Elsewhere

fireworks logoWhen you use a site that tens of thousands of others have used, you run the risk of having the same graphics as someone else. Say you own a fireworks company, and your logo has fireworks with your name underneath or to the side that you found on an online site. Is it going to look unprofessional when another fireworks company uses the same graphic? Using the first basic template that pops up can risk your company’s logo, branding and website looking a lot similar to other businesses, even ones not in the same field of yours. This runs the possibility of your company looking unprofessional and ordinary. 


Don’t Take Shortcuts & Hire A Professional Logo Designer

Superhero holding fireworks316 Strategy Group was asked to create an original logo concept for a Fireworks company. They wanted a superhero theme and a font that nobody else had. Our logo design department in Omaha created an original character for Twisted Thunder Fireworks and the results were fantastic.

Logos to Enhance & Keep Consistency in Branding

logo design omahaAny business owner knows that keeping a consistent brand is incredibly important. A professional logo or graphic designer is going to know the questions to ask in order to help you develop an idea of how you want your logo to look, associate with, and feel. What are the goals of your company? What mood do you want your company to bring a customer? Who is the audience you want to attract? Why is this business different than others? This helps the designer to cultivate the direction of your brand in order to design a logo that makes you successful. In addition to this, you create a relationship with the designer. If this designer understands your company well, they can create a consistent brand across your all platforms of your business: your brochure, website, business cards, labels, social media, and so much more. This is an investment in growing and building your company to be the best it can be.




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