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Today, 71% of people between 18-29 say they use Instagram. What comes to mind when you hear, “Instagram reels?” Was the first word that came to mind “boring?” Instinctively, many people associate the phrase with academic video projects at best.

Instagram reels are anything but boring. They allow you to connect with your customers in a way that most businesses have never before been able to. An Instagram reel could be a higher-quality version of a business’ normal Instagram posts.

Read on to see some of the most viral-worthy Instagram reels ideas for businesses around.

Sara Sabaliauskas is the director of social media strategy at 316 Strategy Group.

1. Introduce Yourself

When you’re thinking about Instagram reels for businesses, introduce yourself! Say what your business is and what it’s about. Make it fun by adding in your personality, songs, etc.

Be sure to add captions since not everyone will have their sound turned on. If you’re a part of a team, introduce the other members.

2. Use Simple Ideas

Did you know that 4.14 billion people around the world use social media? When you’re learning how to make a reel on Instagram, keep it simple. Use the song that you feel will work best.

Don’t stress about editing the reels too much. Keep the video short.

Show what you do, the places you go, etc.

3. Behind the Scenes

Have the Instagram reel length be longer when you’re showing viewers behind the scenes. You could show off the process that happens behind projects, your day-to-day life at your business, etc.

4. Use Old Stories

Whether it’s older posts or stories, you can use them for your reels. You could combine pictures from a recent business trip or project.

5. Give Tips

Provide meaningful content to your audience, and they’re more likely to listen. Consider checking out reels that competitors have created for ideas.

Think about the different questions that your customers ask you. The different answers that you come up with could be reels.

6. Provide Checklists

If it’s relevant to your audience, provide checklists. From what to pack on your next trip to how to pick out a marketing professional, there are various options to choose from.

You could be in the video and point to the captions as they pop up. Write down the items in your notebook so that you don’t forget about them.

7. Use Challenges

Challenges are a fun way to show your various products. Come up with a fun challenge for your audience to try and have a hashtag for them to use.

The hashtag should include your business name in it!

Actionable Instagram Reels Ideas for Businesses

After exploring this guide on Instagram reels ideas for businesses, you should have some fun videos. Take your time coming up with the right option for you.

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