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Social media mistakes are going to happen. Keep reading and you’ll avoid a few pitfalls along the way!

Did you know that there are 1 billion active Instagram users each month? Instagram can generate tons of interactions which is why it is essential to get the platform down.

Not sure where to start? Make sure you aren’t making these social media mistakes on Instagram in 2021.

1. Using Too Many Hashtags

Using too many hashtags or even irrelevant ones won’t benefit your business on Instagram. It is essential to use the right hashtags so that users can find and follow the content they are interested in. Hashtags are also beneficial to help Instagram index your content with similar content and push it to new users.

Part of your Instagram strategy should include avoiding spamming posts with too many hashtags and using irrelevant ones that won’t get your posts to your target audience. Instead, use simple and relevant hashtags that are specific to the business you are running. Not sure which hashtags to use for your business? A 316 team member will carefully craft a winning hashtag strategy for you!

2. Not Providing Customers With Information

Another one of the social media mistakes you don’t want to do is not providing your customers with actionable information. This means posting more than an exciting image with a funny caption. You won’t get far without providing customers with information through the post.

To run a successful Instagram business account, you must create engaging posts that let users know what you are selling and where they can get it. Where there is inconsistency, there is no level of growth.

3. Ignoring Your Audience

Another one of the Instagram mistakes to avoid is not engaging with your audience. You should take time to respond to Instagram comments you receive.

The magic of engaging your audience is that there is no magic. Don’t ignore their comments. It’s that simple. ~ Christopher Slater

Instead of spending all day on Instagram, take 30 minutes to respond to DM’s, comments, or liking other account photos. Prompt your followers to engage in the comments. The more comments you can receive, the better for the Instagram algorithm.

4. Posting Bad Quality Pictures

Instagram is a visual platform that relies on the photos you post. Your pictures should be visually engaging, interesting, and high-quality so that you can draw people in at first glance.

Thanks to technology, you can take professional-looking pictures just on a cellphone. It is also important to have your business logo clear and used as your profile picture.

5. Not Optimizing Your Instagram Bio

A small business social media is nothing without an optimized bio. Like a business card, a bio should sum up what your company is and what it stands for.

Some tips you should follow include putting the primary keyword in your name to tank higher and include a call to action/website link. Your bio should be short and relevant so users are more likely to read it. You don’t have to use the maximum amount of characters to get your point across.

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media takes a lot of time to get right so you must be dedicated during the process. With a digital media marketing and consulting firm on your side, you are sure to gain more traffic to your Instagram. By avoiding these social media mistakes and following essential tips, your strategy can start producing the results you want to see.

Need help managing your business’s social media platforms? We are here to help! Learn more about 316 Strategy Group and our social media management now.

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