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Social media marketing is forecasted to grow rapidly, estimated to more than double in market size from 2018 to the year 2023.

Most markets do NOT double in size within five years. This growth rate is a strong indication that social media marketing is not going anywhere.

However, it is going to morph with the times. If you are a small to medium-sized business, you need to know about any social media marketing predictions, so that you can keep ahead of the already complex social media marketing game.

Therefore, to keep your social media marketing methods effective into 2020—read on and find out how social media marketing is predicted to change.

1. Organic Video Content Goes Big

Advertising prices are rising across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks to this, it is likely that many marketers will utilize the production of video content for the promotion of their brands.

According to statistics, video content is the content type with the highest level of engagement. 83% of marketers believe it is growing in importance, and 53% of consumers engaging with a brand after watching video content from them.

What’s more, video content offers the ultimate ‘pause scroll’ advantage. Thanks to its engaging format, consumers are likely to stop scrolling when a video starts playing within their feed. Provided that it is attention-drawing from start.

This poses large potential gains on social media, where everyone is vying for the users’ time and attention.

2. Businesses Will Take Advantage of Stories

Social media stories and live video have exploded in popularity. Fed up with staged and stilted content from influencers and brands alike, users are looking increasingly for content that is real, raw, and unfiltered.

While many businesses have held back from posting stories, for fear that it will be unprofessional, 2020 is likely to be the year when businesses access the full potential of stories and give their audience more behind-the-scenes and authentic content.

Incidentally, Joseph Kenney, the president of 316 Strategy Group, often refers to the brilliance of Snap Spectacles which were launched in September of 2016. Spectacles are high-tech sunglasses which carry a tiny camera with a 115-degree field of vision plus a microphone and can be used to create authentic stories and live video via the Snapcat app. Although still in use, they didn’t catch on. Kenney says innovations like these foretell that the future will hold more live video and stories, not only from consumers but from brands as well. Kenney encourages businesses of all sizes to give consumers a behind the scenes look into your brand or business. It’s one of the easiest and most often overlooked ways of building trust with the consumer.

3. Social Media Predictions That Quality Content Will Become Even More Key

With consumers increasingly tiring of typical marketing content and overtly self-promotional advertising—the stage is set to see social media marketing relying more and more on quality content.

Quality content has always been king. However, with increasing competition on platforms, 2020 is likely to see an even more heightened need for social media marketing content that engages users and which speaks to their tastes, interests, and needs.

Are You Ready for 2020?

Do you feel ready for 2020? The advice from these social media marketing predictions will go a long way to preparing you for the new year in social media marketing and what it will bring.

If you are in need of professional social media marketing services to keep up with this ever-evolving (and crucial) form of marketing—you can call on us.

We are avid followers of changes in social media. Our president, Joseph Kenney, has spoken on social media across the country, throwing to light developments in the space and what is to come.

We are the proud leader for social media in the Omaha, Des Moines, and Nashville markets. So, do your marketing strategy a favor, and browse our services today.

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