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Use these Top Ten Tips for Nonprofits to use in social media and change your organization forever!

Many challenges face non-profits these days, particularly in the current Covid-19 climate where businesses have cut back, people have experienced a reduction in pay, or perhaps have been laid off.  Traditional fund-raising galas have been drastically modified or even put on hold.

It has never been more apparent than it is today just how vital an engaging social media presence is for non-profit organizations, but the challenge facing Executive Directors and Development Professionals is identifying what exactly the purpose of their social media platforms is.  What is the goal?  Is it getting more eyes and ears on your MISSION?  Is it to gain enthusiastic VOLUNTEERS?   Perhaps it is to help in generating more Donations, or it may simply be to educate people about the organization’s Services?  Most likely, it is all of the above.

The primary purpose of social media for your non-profit organization is to generate, foster, and maintain awareness.  AWARENESS is key. ~ Christopher Slater

Non-profit professionals often run into the Fear of the Ask, exhibiting a level of anxiety that people know you’re asking them once again for money, time, or talent.  We all know these asks are CRITICAL to our missions and to serve our clients, but if not done tactfully, gracefully, gently, and sometimes, less frequently, we run the risk of turning off those social media followers and potential donors.   We all know and count on those hardcore and enthusiastic donors and supporters, but it is the casual donor or supporter that we want to make feel part of the mission

With over two decades of experience consulting with non-profits and service organizations, what we see time and time again is that too many non-profits rely on going back to the same trough over and over.  Whether it is the tried and true mailing list… the reliable volunteers … the steady community partner… the challenge has always been how to expand that awareness beyond those who already know you.  Social media has made that easier to do than ever before, but in order to be successful, you have to be creative, and consistent in your efforts.  Consider your social media platforms as an on-going campaign.   There is no tip that beats consistency, but we have compiled a list of things that you can implement in your own social media management for your non-profit organization.

Top Ten Tips for Nonprofits to Use in Social Media

Use our Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media and ignite your base of supporters!

1. 100 Raving Fans Will Change Your Non-Profit Forever

A fan is a follower who continues to comment, like, and share your posts on social media. This tricks the algorithm for your posts to show up to more followers overall.

Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media

2. Asking questions in posts.

Posing a question to those raving fans and gaining responses in return not only increases your engagement but also allows you to get to know your followers and what they are interested in.

3. Using emojis and asking people to answer questions.

Use the “heart” react if you like dogs or the “wow” react if you like cats! Once again, this gets your followers to engage.

4. Fill in the blank questions.

Followers are more likely to respond if it’s a simple, one-word answer in a comment. This is a great, low effort way to gain participation.

5. Using real-life photos from team members and supporters. Use portrait mode for a higher-quality look.

Followers want to see the real, human side of your business. A photo featuring team members in action volunteers on projects, or engaging board members are bound to get more interaction than a highly edited graphic.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for the “Share.”

Asking followers to share a post, especially if it’s a big announcement, is important. Those raving fans will follow through and want to support your page!

7. Partner with another non-profit or business to share information & posts.

Coming together with another business shows community to your followers. You also get to benefit from their raving fans and they get to benefit from yours! It’s a win-win.

Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media

8. Letting your audience help make choices throughout the year.

Let your followers choose your color scheme for galas, the choice between two food options for an addition to the menu, or so on. This makes your audience feel part of the organization in a special way.

9. Giving them a behind the scenes look.

Renovating the outside of your building? Show the initial sketch, the mock-up, a picture of the painter painting the brick a new color. Followers will feel like they are part of the progress every step of the way.

10. Celebrate national days, even just for fun. Get your followers engaged.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a construction company, car dealership, or non-profit. People like coffee. Posting about National Coffee Day is a great way to increase engagement! Use these Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media and finish 2020 strong! 

Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media

Interested in learning more about what 316 Strategy Group can do for your non-profit or how to use these Top Ten Tips for Non-Profits to Use in Social Media? Christopher Slater had over two decades of experience consulting with non-profits and service organizations. Contact Christopher by filling out this contact form.


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