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A few expert logo design tips will take your brand to the next level! So, are you looking to create a sharp and memorable logo? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Crafting a clear and effective logo is an important step in boosting your brand.

With a few key goals in mind, you can take your logo to the next level. Keep reading to learn some expert logo design tips!

Grab Your Pencil and Start Sketching

Before you run to your computer and launch an editing program, grab your pencil first. The value of drawing to so many disciplines is clear, and that’s especially true with graphic design. Your first instinct might be to work digitally, but some good, old-fashioned sketching is the best place to start.

You can map out a few potential logo design directions quickly — and in a very non-committal way. Need another pro tip? Use a sketchbook so that your ideas are all contained in one place.

Keep It Simple

If graphic design is out of your wheelhouse, know that one of the best tips to keep in mind is that simplicity is always better. Trying to cram too much text or ornamentation into a logo results in an image that looks fussy and stale. Keep things pared down instead.

Stay away from anything hard to read. Ask friends and family to look at your logo designs and tell you what they see. If they look at you with a confused face, that’s probably a sign that you should go back to the drawing board!

Aim for readability and balance. Your design doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, but if it looks lopsided or unfocused, you’ll throw off your viewers. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Good Logo Design Avoids Gimmicky Trends

Handwritten, whimsical text might be everywhere lately, but that doesn’t mean it has staying power. Gimmicky trends can fade quickly. Make sure that your logo avoids the trap of trendiness!

Put time into researching which logos have held up over the years. Everyone recognizes the Nike Swoosh, which has been around since 1971. The design is original and clean, and it avoids text altogether.

Stay true to the goals you have for your logo without feeling like you have to do what’s currently in style. A sharp, classic look will last a long time.

Logo Design Tips Always Include Checking Out the Competition

Knowing how to make a good company logo also means creating an original design. The last thing you want is for your logo to look too similar to something that already exists.

How do you prevent this from happening? Spend some time checking out the competition. Look up logos from competing organizations and fill a folder with images.

If the leading competitors favor red and sharp lines, you can stand out by doing the opposite. You don’t need to get carried away with outdoing other companies vying for the same business, but you should make a point of differentiating your visual style.

Know Your Mission

Your logo must serve as a visual representation of what your organization stands for. Otherwise, the logo can be misleading and ineffective. Know what your organization’s mission is, and have your mission statement ready as you begin brainstorming ideas.

Pinpoint keywords that can be a source of inspiration, and write down the colors, textures, and styles that come to mind as you read those words. It might sound like more work to do this, but the process could lead you to some creative solutions.

And if you know that your logo will be one part of a bigger brand strategy, you might want to get some input from experienced professionals. Having someone look for connections between your mission statement and visual identity with a fresh set of eyes is always a useful step. Strategic consultants can help you develop a strong marketing plan in keeping with your goals as a business.

Consider Fonts and Colors

When it comes to tips for good logo design, evaluating a variety of fonts, colors, and textures is a big one. This part of the process will take time, but since these basic elements are so critical to the finished design, it’s worth it.

You should avoid selecting the first font from the dropdown list on your computer and instead try a few options. Consider whether a serif or sans-serif font would look better — if you even use text at all. And know that you can distort the lettering to suit your needs.

Try out several colors, too. Do you want to use complementary colors to achieve an eye-catching, intense design? Or do you want something more muted and professional?

Colors carry emotional values, so don’t minimize this step. Not all shades of blue will communicate the same message, for instance. And you want your design to look good in black and white for times when color printing is not available.

With so many variables to pull together, sometimes it pays to ask for expert help. Experienced graphic designers can help you find the perfect combination of colors, shapes, and text to communicate your brand.

Create Multiple Options

A big design misstep is to lock into the first thing you design. If you fall in love with your first design, you won’t be able to see its flaws. Come up with several designs, even if they all look relatively similar.

Small differences make all the difference. It could be the slant of a line or tint of a color that elevates one design above another. Gather some unbiased people who can assess your designs and provide honest feedback.

Start Designing

Designing the perfect logo is a huge step in building a successful visual identity. If you want your brand to shine, you need the right visual elements to appeal to the audience you’re targeting. All you have to do is follow a few logo design tips, plot out some options, get feedback, and refine your design.

When you’re ready to craft the perfect logo, contact us and we can help! Our logo designers are ready to serve you in Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City and Nashville!

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