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The Benson Brewery’s rebranding project presented a unique opportunity to fuse storytelling with innovative design, creating a series of captivating beer labels that resonate deeply with our target audience

Client: Benson Brewery
Project: Rebranding and Label Design for Signature Beers
Agency: 316 Strategy Group
Campaign Duration: Launch at College World Series in June, continuing throughout the year

Campaign Overview

Benson Brewery Beer Can Redesign

Benson Brewery, a beloved local gastropub in the heart of Benson, sought to rebrand and redesign labels for six of their signature beers. The objective was to create a slow-release design campaign, starting with the College World Series in June and extending throughout the year. Our creative team worked within their brand guidelines and developed six distinctive beer designs, each telling its own story while featuring Tapper, a charming and multifaceted mascot designed to win the hearts of patrons.

Vision for the Beer Cans

an advertising campaign image featuring two beer cans.

Our vision was to transform each beer can into a canvas that showcases Tapper in different personas, reflecting the unique story and flavor of each beer. We wanted these cans to stand out on shelves and create an emotional connection with consumers.

Tapper, with his playful and distinguished character, serves as the focal point, evolving with each design to embody the spirit of the beer it represents. From the lively and refreshing College Water to the whimsical and adventurous Hazy Hare, each can tells a story that invites consumers into Tapper’s world, making the beer more than just a drink, but an experience.

  • Unique Personas: Tapper evolves with each beer, from a college alter-ego to whimsical characters.
  • Emotional Connection: Each design tells a story, creating a memorable experience for consumers.
  • Brand Recognition: Consistent elements like Tapper’s signature orange shades and bowtie ensure brand continuity.

Building on this innovative approach, we meticulously aligned each aspect of the campaign to resonate with both existing fans and new customers.

Interactive Elements and Sticker Appeal

The interactive elements of these designs set them apart in the competitive craft beer market. Each can feature a removable Tapper sticker, a unique and collectible item that appeals especially to college students.

Three beer cans being held by a women who is peeling back stickers from the label.

We envisioned these stickers adorning laptops, bumpers, telephone poles, and water bottles, creating a sense of community and shared experience. The stickers are designed to be visually appealing and fun, encouraging consumers to engage with the brand beyond the initial purchase.

The moveable beer darts targets integrated into the labels add a playful and interactive dimension, making the beer cans a centerpiece for social activities and college games.

  • Removable Stickers: Collectible Tapper stickers encourage brand engagement and visibility.
  • Moveable Targets: Beer darts targets add an interactive element, perfect for social activities.
  • Community Building: Stickers create a sense of community and shared experience among consumers.

With these innovative features capturing the hearts of college students and craft beer enthusiasts alike, it’s evident that our approach leverages both aesthetic design and functional interaction. As we look forward, it’s crucial to consider how we can further enhance this strategy, ensuring Tapper’s continuous evolution and relevance in an ever-changing market.

Beyond the Can: Expanding Tapper’s Reach

While the can designs and interactive elements play a pivotal role in capturing consumer attention, Tapper’s influence extends far beyond just packaging. These elements had a mass appeal to college students.

Appeal to College Students

Six beer can labels for the Benson brewery beer can redesign.

College students are at the heart of this campaign. We aimed to capture their sense of adventure, community, and fun through Tapper’s various personas and the interactive elements of the can designs.

The stickers and game targets are not just marketing gimmicks; they are tools to foster connection and engagement among peers. By tapping into the college culture of collectibility and social interaction, we created a product that resonates with this demographic on multiple levels.

The campaign’s phased rollout, starting with the high-energy atmosphere of the College World Series, ensures sustained excitement and anticipation, keeping Benson Brewery top-of-mind for students throughout the year.

  • Youthful Appeal: Designs resonate with the adventurous and social nature of college students.
  • Collectibility: Stickers and interactive elements appeal to the college culture of collecting and sharing.
  • Sustained Interest: Phased rollout strategy keeps the campaign fresh and exciting.

To ensure the campaign’s continued success and to maintain the momentum generated, it was crucial to explore additional engagement strategies and innovative outreach efforts.

Advertising Campaign Execution

Launch at College World Series:

We introduced the first beer, College Water, with a special reveal at the event. The College World Series provided the perfect backdrop to launch our campaign, tapping into the excitement and energy of this major event. The large audience and media coverage generated significant buzz and excitement around the new Tapper designs.

Phased Rollout:

The remaining beers will be gradually released throughout the year, each unveiling a new Tapper persona. This strategy keeps consumers engaged and eagerly awaiting the next release, building a loyal following for both Tapper and Benson Brewery.

  • High-Visibility Launch: Utilized the College World Series to generate buzz and excitement.
  • Gradual Release: Maintained consumer interest with a phased rollout of new designs.

Results and Impact

WATCH THIS FACEBOOK REEL about our unique sticker labels.

The campaign successfully enhanced Benson Brewery’s visibility and appeal, attracting new customers while retaining loyal patrons. The interactive elements and collectible stickers generated significant interest and participation, especially among college students. Tapper’s transformation into various personas created a memorable and engaging brand narrative, effectively communicating Benson Brewery’s values and personality.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Increased brand recognition and market presence.
  • Consumer Engagement: Interactive elements and collectible stickers drove significant consumer interest.
  • Brand Narrative: Tapper’s evolving personas created a strong and engaging brand story.

Check out our YouTube Channel and VIEW our Benson Brewery Beer Can Redesign Campaign!

Innovative Design and Brand Storytelling

This campaign exemplifies our commitment to innovative design and brand storytelling. We successfully created a series of captivating beer labels that not only tell a story but also engage consumers through interactive elements. The phased release strategy ensured sustained interest and excitement, making Benson Brewery’s rebranding campaign a resounding success.

“A project like this allows us to blend creativity with strategic thinking, and the results speak for themselves. By transforming Tapper into a dynamic and engaging character, we created a campaign that not only tells a compelling story but also fosters a deep connection with the Benson Brewery brand. This campaign is a testament to the power of innovative design and the impact of interactive elements in engaging and captivating our target audience.” ~ Joseph Kenney, Founder 316 Strategy Group

316 Strategy Group is grateful for the opportunity to work collaboratively on Benson Brewery’s beer can rebranding project.

Creativity and Strategic Execution Can Drive Significant Results

The Benson Brewery rebranding campaign stands as a prime example of how creativity and strategic execution can drive significant results. By leveraging the power of interactive design elements and a compelling brand narrative, we were able to elevate brand visibility and foster deeper connections with consumers.

The Benson Brewery Beer Can Rebranding project not only strengthened Benson Brewery’s market presence but also showcased the potential of innovative design in storytelling and consumer engagement. As we look forward to future projects, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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