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How’s your social media doing? How far is your reach? Is there something left to be desired?

When thinking of your fanbase, it can be daunting to even know where to begin. The process can feel like a grind and even get you down. If you’re struggling to build an Instagram audience, rest assured there are tactics to improve.

Curious to know what these are? Read our guide below to learn more about what you can do.



When you think of Instagram, what comes to mind? Is it the stories, models, or reels? Don’t rule out the power of hashtags in this Instagram marketing space. In doing so, people who aren’t currently following you will be able to find your content more easily.

You want to pair your high-quality photos with engaging and popular hashtags. You want to strive for relevant hashtags. Think quality over quantity here too.


Don’t shy away from using the right filters when developing a digital marketing idea. You’ll notice your Instagram audience taking more kindly to certain filters over others. This will bode well for your user engagement too.

Some filters you’ll want to be aware of are Lark, Ludwig, X-Pro II, Lo-fi, and Juno. Even using no filter is a preferred posting strategy.

Rather than focusing on what filters you and your team like, pay attention to what your Instagram audience enjoys. Feel free to experiment here as well and see what works best!


When are you posting your content? How consistently are you doing it? Aside from your hashtags and filters, the timing of your posts is something to be aware of.

You want a targeted approach here to be able to gauge what is working and not working in your favor. You want a birds-eye view of the post history and engagement. You will also need to know which days of the week work best and at what times.

Take advantage of scheduling your content so that you won’t have to do everything in real-time manually. You want to avoid staleness with your Instagram audience. Focus on delivering posts around holidays and events to generate some buzz around your social media marketing agenda.


Omaha Social Media

Camila from MTV working with 316 Strategy Group

Working with influencers is a great marketing strategy. By working with influencers, you will surely build your Instagram audience rather quickly. Because the influencers’ fanbase is already large, by working together magical things will happen on your page—expect to see more engagement.

An influencer is anyone with roughly 1k-1M followers. If that number feels too unattainable, look to micro-influencers, those with 1k-10k followers. With this Instagram marketing technique, your followers will form a tighter connection than a bigger influencer.

From there, the influencer can introduce products and services on your behalf. This is a win-win situation due to the cost-effective nature of the business. Expect to pay $100 per post.

Watch Your Instagram Audience Grow

As you watch your Instagram audience grow, you can marvel at the work you’ve put in. There is always a new tip or trick you can try!

To get a leg up on the competition, why not developed a solid marketing plan? From social media at large, our team can help you on your journey. Look to us for all your consulting needs today.

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