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ssDon’t Did you know that The Trojan Horse Affair is one of the most popular podcasts to come out in recent times?

No matter what kind of podcast genre you enjoy, there’s always something out there for everyone. This is why it’s time to turn your awesome podcast idea into a full-fledged reality.

Are you unsure of how to get started? Keep reading to learn all about the equipment to start a podcast with this simple guide.

A Reliable Computer

Before starting a podcast, you’ll need to make sure you have a computer that can do all the tasks associated with launching a podcast. Since podcasts can end up giving you hundreds of hours of recordings, the computer should have a sizeable hard drive.

Depending on the type of podcast you’re thinking of starting, it may be helpful to opt for a laptop computer instead of a desktop one.

Recording and Editing Software

One of the most important things to cross off your podcast equipment list is software that can allow you to record and edit each episode. Macbooks come with Garageband, for instance, but some podcasters prefer having many more options when it comes to editing.

It’s worth taking stock of the functions you’re looking for and whether a default program can handle them.

A Microphone

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No matter what types of podcasts you’re thinking of starting, there’s no getting around the need for a quality microphone. If you plan on interviewing regular guests, then you should invest in at least two microphones.

The last thing you’d want is for everyone to lean toward the same mic. This could make things awkward and result in uneven sound.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality microphone when choosing the right equipment to start a podcast. Our podcasting experts wrote a guide on choosing the best microphone for your business podcast. Read our quick guide here.

A Pop-Filter

Most microphones don’t come with a pop filter. While pop filters aren’t the most necessary item on a podcasting list, they can work wonders for the quality of your sound.

This is especially important if you plan on reading stories. The last thing you’d want is for listeners to get distracted by annoying plosives.


Do you want more podcast tips? It’s a good idea to have a trusty pair of headphones that go over your ears. That way, you can even interview people over Zoom or Skype.

Instead of their side of the conversation interfering with your side of the recording, it’ll go straight to your ears and stay away from your mic.

Are You Ready to Get the Equipment to Start a Podcast?

Now that you’ve learned all about the equipment to start a podcast, you can make sure that you’re prepared to launch one of the best podcasts ever. Half the battle of building an audience is letting people know your podcast exists in the first place.

Thinking of launching a mobile podcast and need a setup as flexible as your business? We can help you there, too. Click here to learn more!

We can help your build your brand so that everyone can associate your name and logo with high-quality podcast content. From marketing and web development to visual production and even virtual tours, we can help make sure your podcast is an amazing success.

Feel free to contact us or stop by in person.

A thriving business podcast is just around the corner!


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