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What would your business look like if you had help from one of our digital strategists in Omaha? As a business owner, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities! Do you have big ambitions for your business in Omaha? If so, then keep reading!

Here’s the truth. Do you intend to put your business ahead in today’s competitive online environment? If so, you not only need a solid digital marketing plan. You need it to be better than anything you’ve done before. A digital strategist can help take you from where you are to where you want to be!

Here, we’ll give you the lowdown on digital marketing. We’ll explain how one of our expert digital strategists in Omaha can help you achieve your key marketing goals. This article is all about you!

8 Tips For a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Understand Your Customer
  2. Start With Your Brand
  3. Create a Content Marketing Strategy 
  4. Set Up Your Social Media Presence 
  5. Upgrade Your Website 
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Advertising Strategy 
  8. Conversions 

Understand Your Customer

Before a digital strategy expert can help craft a plan for your business, it’s vital that you understand who your target customer is. That will shape what marketing messages will best work for that audience.

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Start with some customer research. You could try a survey or interview some of your key customers to determine what they need from your business.

Think about the type of customer you attract to your business. Doing so will help you get the tone right in your marketing messages. At heart, are you a young, vibrant business or a safe, conservative company? Our digital marketing team in Omaha can help you discern these tough questions!

Start With Your Brand

Digital marketing will help boost brand awareness. But before you get that far in your digital marketing plan, consider your current branding and whether it needs a revamp as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Does it stand out from the competition? Does your brand show what you want it to show about your business? Is it modern and unique enough to deliver the best of what your business has to offer to the world?

If you run paid ads, will your business brand stop people in their tracks and get them to click? Our digital strategists in Omaha are standing by to help you answer all of these questions.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Central to your digital marketing plan is your content, so this is the first aspect of your digital strategy to address.

By content, we mean the information you produce online that attracts your target customer to you and helps build your brand reputation and authority as a business.

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A Digital Strategy Session With 316 Strategy Group

Content is more than just writing blog posts. As part of your digital marketing plan, your content production might include videos, live videos, podcasts, eBooks, and even memes on your social media channels.

Whatever content you opt for, a digital strategist will help you personalize your content towards your target audience. It should be content they will readily click on, enjoy, and share with others.

Set up Your Social Media Presence

You want to get your brand known to your customers. And a bold social media presence will help you achieve that goal.

If you’ve set up a wide-ranging content marketing plan, social media is the natural next step. Your digital strategist will advise you on creating a profile for your business that is attractive and professional.

After that, it’s a case of making sure that you regularly publish high-quality content to your social media feeds. Sara Sabaliauskas, a digital strategist at 316 Strategy Group says, “Don’t forget to interact with your audience of followers as much as you can. And, don’t post and ghost.”

Don’t post and ghost! ~ Sara Sabaliauskas, 316 Strategy Group 

That will help you build a stronger relationship with your target customer, which will ultimately help boost sales for your business. 316 Strategy Group is an award-winning social media company in Omaha. Our social media managers can quickly level up your social media game.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Website

At this point, it’s worth stepping away slightly from your digital marketing plan to talk about something that will form a foundation for your marketing, and that’s your website.

When you’ve put together your content plan and started growing your social media presence, it’s worth revisiting your website design. Ensure it still supports your marketing efforts.

Does it need a slight rebrand to bring it up to the same level as your content and social media profiles?

Perhaps you need to make sure you link your marketing content better with other core web pages, like your product, and about pages. The digital strategists in Omaha at 316 Strategy Group will take a look at everything from branding, content, SEO, core web vitals, and more.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Your content and social media plan are going to attract your target audience. But what happens after that? It’s vital that you get your audience to take the natural next step and explore more about what your business has to offer.

The smartest way to try that is through email marketing. No, email marketing isn’t dead! Quite the opposite is true. Encourage your customer to sign up for your email list. Use carefully crafted marketing emails to share more about your products, services, and marketing promotions.

A good email marketing strategy will eventually become automated. Whenever someone new signs up to your email list, they’ll get a welcome email, followed by a sequence of personalized promotional emails.

Consider Your Advertising Strategy

Do you want your digital marketing strategy to accelerate? If so, the fastest way to achieve that is through paid advertising.

Your marketing strategist can support you here. They can help you create promotional content that you can use either on an organic marketing campaign or as part of paid ads.

The most important thing to grasp if you want to advertise is that most big platforms run PPC advertising. That includes Google and Facebook.

That means you only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it. From your perspective as a small business owner, it means you can advertise even if you are starting with a relatively tiny budget. Our digital strategists in Omaha will help create a sound advertising strategy.

Think About Conversions

When putting together your digital marketing plan, it’s crucial that you can measure results.

That means capturing data using analytics tools and interpreting that data so you can set a benchmark and use that to improve your marketing tactics in the future.

A key metric you’ll need to monitor is your conversion rate.

Broadly, this is the percentage of people who click on your marketing promotion. But you can also measure the conversion rate by the number of people who buy after seeing your marketing campaign.

We Are Ready to Support Your Business in Omaha

Our digital strategists in Omaha have the experience and know-how to create a successful marketing campaign.

Are you ready to make that small leap and discover all the exciting business benefits from a professional marketing strategy?

Take the first small step now by getting in touch with our team, and let’s start a conversation about how our experts can help you grow your business.

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