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This week I started my internship at 316 Strategy Group and I have to say it totally defied my expectations of what business is. They do not operate like other companies, most evident by the fact that they genuinely care. I do not mean care in the sense that they care about someone’s money, I mean care, as in, they are interested in people’s well-being. Seeing this was very encouraging for me as I was worried about the culture of the world I would enter as a business major.

They have also defied the general perception of an internship. I do not just go around doing coffee runs, but I am given work. I have already received two on-going projects to put time towards which is an incredible learning experience albeit a bit intimidating at times, but there is a great deal of relief in knowing that while these are my projects I have all the support and resources I need. These challenges are trying to bring out the creativity and resourcefulness in me and I look forward to the way they will develop these skills.

In speaking of resourcefulness and creativity, this idea of resilience really shines through in the 316 team when faced with adverse situations. They defy anything saying they will not complete a project, instead, they just make it work. Watching them work has been something to behold. They do not back down from a challenge. I was there to witness them work hard in the face of a 13-hour video shoot with an ever-changing schedule, and not just complete it, but thrive. They even found many ways to make me a part of it, helping and learning.

They defy anything that says businesses cannot care.

There is so much to learn here, both in the technical workings of the business but also just in ways to face challenges and view the world. They defy anything that says businesses cannot care. They are driven to succeed because they care. This ability to defy norms and generate business through genuine care of wellbeing I am quickly learning is the greatest thing I will learn here. This new way of viewing the world as full of opportunities is both optimistic and encouraging. I look forward to my time here.



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