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Leadership coaching, what’s really available? Recently we sought out leadership programs to see what was in the marketplace and to provide our own team opportunities in the areas of professional growth and high achievement. We work with clients from a variety of professional fields in an ever-evolving marketplace. It is common for us to adjust our course of action and provide the leadership necessary to produce significant outcomes. This requires a renewed mind, creativity, and consistent performance. Fortunately for us, we found Character Genetics and its facilitator Randy Bixby.

Professional Leadership Coaching

Randy is a Professional Certified Coach who specializes in leadership, communication, and performance. His primary focus is on Character Science – the concept that our results come from the hidden thinking underneath our behaviors, and change begins with the revelation of that thinking. Naturally, we were excited about the potential for a big impact and lasting change that could completely transform the way we view leadership. We attended the Reveal workshop, facilitated by Randy, to begin our journey with Character Genetics. Reveal is an executive group coaching event designed to help individuals become more insightful leaders.

Over the past couple of decades, the definition of leadership has changed considerably. We’ve seen it evolve from the ability to motivate people and get things done, to a much more dynamic characterization. Today’s leaders must have emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, and excellent communication skills, and they must also be able to cultivate these traits in others. Randy Bixby provided a diverse toolbox that helped us step up to the challenge of procuring all of those skills and the ability to master them.

Leadership touches every aspect of our personal and professional lives. We are leaders for our families, friends, colleagues, and ourselves. Throughout the course of the workshop, we gained the ability to remove barriers to our growth as leaders, to implement new mindsets for higher achievement, and the ability to identify our blind spots. We all have blind spots and weaknesses. The two are different, though. We often are aware of our weaknesses. Our blind spots are just that – hidden from us. Randy gave us the tools to flesh those blind spots out.

This takes creativity and an open mind which can sometimes become stagnant if we don’t explore new strategies and constantly develop goals for personal and professional growth. ”Leadership in business and in the ministry is all about movement.  You are helping yourself and others move from a current state to a more desired one.  The highest value of any leader is humility:  to recognize you still and will always have the opportunity and need to learn. Randy Bixby earns your trust and helps coach the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow,”  said Joseph Kenney, co-Founder of 316 Strategy Group.

Randy helps coach the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. ~ Joseph Kenney

Randy’s fantastic sense of humor cultivated a fun, family atmosphere during the workshop. This isn’t one of those seminars where you sit at a table recording little nuggets of information in a notebook that you never look at again. Randy engaged us in powerful exercises that brought new consciousness to old ways of thinking. He used a brilliant combination of humor and discernment to eliminate the mental blocks that prevent us from being the forward-thinking individuals we are meant to be. The breakthroughs that come from the Reveal workshop are life-changing and we’ve already seen our old habits fading away. Randy told us, “We have what we’re most committed to right now.” We are committed to real, lasting change – change that could not have been possible without Randy’s expertise and unique approach to personal and professional development.

We have what we’re most committed to right now. ~ Randy Bixby

Through the Reveal workshop, Randy provided meaningful solutions to subconscious barriers so we can recognize our true potential, and he did it all through grace, humor, wisdom, and the love of God.

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