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Nutrishop – “We are in the business of people.”

This week I had the opportunity to meet Nick Boswell, the co-founder of Nutrishop, and listen to him talk a little bit. At one point he said, “We are in the business of people.” He went on to explain how everything they do is focused on people, the employees, the customers, everyone. When you genuinely care about the people, good things will come.

“We are in the the business of people.” ~ Nick Boswell

This struck home with me as a point that has been taught to me over and over the past two weeks has been that your ROI comes in the form of relationships. To get the most out of investments you need to care about the people and foster those relationships purely for the sake of having a better relationship at a personal level. This is something 316 does incredibly well. It is common place for us to stop two or three places over the lunch hour to see people. It’s not for a sales pitch or anything of that nature. It’s just stopping in to say hi to a friend. That is the ROI here, you gain friends. You hear their stories and their wisdom it’s always something gained. It’s a connection you cannot form any other way.

“The ROI of Social Media or any marketing platform is relationships.” ~ Joseph Kenney of 316 Strategy Group

Focus on people and the business will come. That is the way things operate here, and they mean it. There is no “focus and business by staying close to people.” The people come first, that is the point, and people see it. The community of people built that I have seen is awe-inspiring. There is a level of trust that is rare among friends and here it is built from work and business done.  When you truly and genuinely care, most people will see it and respond, that is rewarding. You need to believe in what you are doing in order to keep it up and be great at it. They do it for people and that is why they succeed.

~ Barry


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