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See Dick. See Dick Run. Run Dick Run. See Jane. See Jane Run After Jack. Run Jane Run. These words comprise some of the first words we ever learned to read on our own, and are easily recognizable to all cultures. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goodnight Moon have been translated into languages across the globe. Today is National Children’s Book Day. It celebrates these and the thousands of other books and authors throughout the country.

Daniel Kenney

316 Strategy Group is celebrating this important national day by partnering with a local Omaha organization and showcasing a prominent children’s author from the area. Daniel Kenney, a native Omahan, is a best-selling author. Kenney’s books encourage literacy, stimulate the growth of their imagination, build character, and teach persistence. Many of his over 50 children’s books are sold throughout the world and translated into different languages.

Kenney’s Persistance Project book series:

Facing fear is hard. Especially for kids!

The fact is that everybody gets scared. EVERYBODY! And learning to face one’s fears is essential to a life of happiness and success.

And parents, guardians, mentors, and business owners play a crucial role in helping children learn how to face their fears.

“You Can Face Your Fears” is a simple book… but after reading it, children will be inspired to face some of those scary situations in their lives. They may seem like simple situations to you, but dealing with a dark room, a noisy toilet, a neighborhood dog, a scary car wash, or the dentist can seem monumental to a young child.

So it can be very helpful to children now and later in life when there is a simple way to start the conversation about these fears.

With fun and silly pictures, and a simple but positive message, “You Can Face Your Fears” inspires children and let’s them know: they are brave, they can face their fears, and win! Today and tomorrow. In life and in business.

We believe that helping children build confidence in facing their fears will build stronger business leaders and entrepreneurs tomorrow.

“You Can Face Your Fears” is the first book in Kenney’s Persistence Project book series.

Growing Hearts Collaborative

Angel Starks is the founder of the Growing Hearts Collaborative.

316 Strategy Group has chosen to partner with Growing Hearts Collaborative to celebrate national Children’s Book Day. Founded in Omaha by Angel Starks, the collaborative aims to nurture a love for learning and serves a host of nonprofits and educational-based businesses in the Omaha metro area. With a heart for the community and a dedication to helping others learn, Angel is a shining example of leadership in the community. Angel Starks has been an active member of the Omaha community and in the real estate industry. “Starks and the Growing Hearts Collaborative is a perfect partner for 316 Strategy Group.” Said, Christopher Slater of 316 Strategy Group. “The Persistence Project book series plays a crucial role in helping parents, guardians, and educators to teach kids how to face their fears, to not give up, and to not be afraid of failing,” Slater said.

The Persistance Project book series plays a crucial role in helping parents, guardians, and educators to teach kids how to face their fears, to not give up, and to not be afraid of failing. ~ Christopher Slater, 316 Strategy Group

316 Strategy Group has committed to supplying the Growing Hearts Collaborative with hundreds of books from Kenney’s Persistance Project book series in 2022. With the help of Starks and her organization, the books will be distributed throughout the community and get in the hands of local parents, guardians, educators, nonprofits, and educational-based businesses in the Omaha metro area. “The role starks plays in our community is vital to the development of future business leaders and entrepreneurs.” Said, Slater.

The role Starks plays in our community is vital to the development of future business leaders.  ~ Christopher Slater, 316 Strategy Group

Thankfully, simple books with powerful language can help! With the help of “I Am Not Afraid To Fail”, we can work together with the Growing Hearts Collaborative and teach that failure is a normal and natural part of life and business. We can teach children to take chances and go for it without fear of failure.

“Character building is an essential foundation in developing a winning mindset. The skills needed to persevere, think like a leader, and be brave in all things are cultivated at a very young age. These children’s books will help the students and families of the Growing Hearts Collaborative build those skills through reading!” ~ Angel Starks, Growing Hearts Collaborative

At some point when you were in grade school, everyone had a teacher that asked their students “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When teachers would ask that, you’d hear all kinds of responses… “I want to be an astronaut,” “a football player,” “I want to be a fireman!” Did you ever recall hearing any of your classmates Holler out “I want to be an entrepreneur!” or “I want to own my own business!” You probably didn’t. That’s because entrepreneurship wasn’t as widely understood as it is now.

The game has changed with the internet, online tools, and social media. In today’s world, if you can buy yourself a website, you have the potential to become an entrepreneur in an instant. Before the invention of the internet, the process of owning your own business was much more expensive, much more tedious, and much more time-consuming… so much so that people just didn’t want to do it; it was just too daunting for a lot of people. So, what’s really stopping aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a business? You got it…fear of failure, and Kenney’s Persistance Project book series addresses this at an early age.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a commonality among many entrepreneurs but what aspiring entrepreneurs fail to realize is that failure is a huge part of the entrepreneurial journey. Some of the biggest entrepreneurs we know today would not have reached the level of success they have right now had they not failed a few times. So failure is something that shouldn’t stop you from starting your own business but it’s understandable that it does. With the help of the Growing Hearts Collaborative and Kenney’s extraordinary book series, we tackle this head-on at an early stage of life.

What we feed our community will grow. Faith or fear. Worry or confidence. Doubt or belief. It’s our choice what grows.


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