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It’s not easy to grow your Instagram organically but these tips will give you a jumpstart!

Instagram growth has surpassed the 2 billion monthly users level, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. But how do you get even a fraction of those users to come to your Instagram account organically?

Organic growth means attracting engaged customers who are likely to buy your product or embrace your brand. Here are a few tips to get more leads on Instagram and grow your Instagram organically.

Make an Attention-Grabbing Bio

Your Instagram bio is an elevator pitch in a profile form. You have to introduce yourself to anyone who finds your site in less than 200 characters.

Make the most of your bio with emoji (which will save you characters), hashtags (if you have one specific to your brand), keywords, and a call to action which can include a link to your business.

If appropriate, infuse a bit of sass or humor into your bio. Use a tone that gives a sense of authenticity to potential followers.

Connect with Your (Future) Followers

Everyone loves the feeling that a company or person is speaking directly to them. On Instagram, the ability to tag individuals or respond to their comments helps them feel engaged. Engaged individuals are more likely to follow your Instagram account.

Another way to bring in people who haven’t discovered your page yet is by letting your existing followers get more leads on Instagram for you.

Post an image and ask your followers to tag a friend or family member that would relate to the post. It could be an image, a quote graphic, a meme, or a question. Just make it something that your current followers will want to share with people who aren’t following you yet.

Go Viral with Instagram Reels, Humor, and Memes

Instagram started as a photo-sharing site, but video, especially in the form of Reels, is a game-changer. Using Reels lets you showcase your personality. Humorous or quirky Reels can go viral and get shared on social networks.

Memes are popular to share around between friends and family. By creating content that you know people will want to share, you can get your brand greater visibility — and visibility leads to organic growth.

Use Unusual (But Relevant) Hashtags

Every post that you create should use hashtags to help increase your visibility to those searching on a topic. Using popular hashtags, such as travel, fashion, or photo of the day, means you are competing with millions or sometimes billions of other posts with the same hashtag.

Use those popular hashtags to key your followers in on what you’re sharing, but also look for more specific or unusual options. Instead of travel, also add islandlife if you’re talking about a Caribbean retreat. Don’t just use catsofinstagram, but also add chonkycat for a post about your plump Persian.

Looking for More Tips to Grow Your Instagram Organically?

Making leaps forward in social media can be a challenge. But with simple steps like hashtag usage, humorous or viral content, a solid bio, and effective engagement, you can increase your Instagram following organically with minimal effort.

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