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Updated Information: August 29, 2022

As countless businesses have struggled to overcome challenges over the past year and a half, community-minded business owners, Lindy and DJ Schmidt have deftly maneuvered through those obstacles and continue to thrive.  After opening The Market in Louisville, NE in December of 2019, the Schmidt’s were soon faced with the many trials of a new business in small-town Nebraska while staring a global pandemic in the teeth. With a pinpointed local focus, it was not long before The Market was thriving behind the support of an incredible community in Louisville, Nebraska.

“I know that in order to have a vibrant, small community, you have to have a grocery store,” Lindy said.  “It is so important to have a store in a smaller town, and the city was a huge part of helping us. In times like this, the sense of community and taking care of one another is critical” she added.

Impacting Small Communities

The Market Grocery Store


The Schmidt’s are looking to continue that same impact in another small-town community 60 miles southeast of Louisville, in nearby Peru, NE.  Peru is home to Peru State College, as well as a budding main street revitalization after having suffered a devastating loss to the town’s infrastructure in the wake of the 2019 flood.  Peru’s only grocery store has since closed, and the Schmidt’s felt that they could help revive an integral piece of the community.  Lindy and DJ are bringing the same modern, convenient, and fresh grocery experience to Peru that has been so successful in Louisville. “The Market will bring a bright, open, fun, and modern shopping experience to Peru…” DJ stated. “… with a robust meat selection, fresh produce, convenience items, and a focus on procuring local items from area vendors, we are thrilled for the opportunity to serve this community.”  The Schmidt’s have also hinted that there will be some other new and exciting developments that will not only serve the community but offer exciting accommodations for the college students as well.

“The Market will bring a bright, open, fun, and modern shopping experience to Peru…” DJ Schmidt, Co-Owner of The Market

Lindy and DJ’s excitement is palpable and can be heard in their voices when they describe their plans and vision behind sparking energy related to new community growth.  “We can’t do it alone, but we can do it with the help of other businesses,” Lindy explained.  “We’d love to serve the entire community while also urging the students to leave the dorm rooms, get some fresh air, and come see us,” DJ added.

Peru Is Resilient, Rebuilding & Ready

DJ & Lindy Schmidt Outside Their New Grocery Store in Peru

Mayor David Pease has lived in Peru for 38 years and has shared how excited he and fellow Peru residents are for The Market to come to town. “Lindy and DJ are clearly small town and community-oriented, and we are not only excited for The Market but know that our community has so much to offer them as well,” said Mayor Pease.  He added that Peru is a draw for a number of other towns in the region and Nemaha county, and has been progressive in its efforts toward disaster recovery following the flood.  “We are coming out of this much stronger. ” Mayor Pease said. “We have seen a lot of resiliency, and the Schmidt’s have proven that they understand how to maintain a small-town feel while providing what the community needs. We love the idea of The Market including items and goods from local makers as well.”

“Lindy and DJ are clearly small town and community-oriented, and we are not only excited for The Market but know that our community has so much to offer them as well,” said Mayor Pease.

A large part of Peru’s flood restoration has been the result of local leaders creating a long-term recovery group to help navigate the rebuilding process.  Deborah Solie is the Disaster Recovery Coordinator for the Northeast Nemaha County Recovery Group. “We are beyond excited to see The Market open in Peru!” Solie said. “From the moment they approached us and shared their vision, including sourcing local items, it is exactly what we had hoped for Peru.  We also love how The Market is wanting to service Peru St. College in a number of ways.  They are thinking outside the box on how to engage the community at all levels.”

Solie explained that as part of their efforts, her office has done extensive work in the community gathering data and listening to what those in the community want and need.  A grocery store topped the list, as it provides a vital layer of support not only for Peru but for surrounding communities as well. “Our community is eager to welcome The Market, and the timing couldn’t be better,” Solie said.

We also love how The Market is wanting to service Peru St. College in a number of ways.  They are thinking outside the box on how to engage the community at all levels. ~ Deborah Solie

This couldn’t be more true, especially on the heels of her office’s efforts and community outreach.  “It is wonderful serendipity that the Schmidt’s approached the city when they did. We really see the same vision.  We are investing in the community and seeking to revitalize the downtown, and this is an amazing step towards that goal.” Solie added. Mayor Pease echoed those sentiments about the town’s motivation towards downtown revitalization.  “The timing couldn’t be better.” He said.  “We have lots of activity and great things happening.  It’s the right time for the community of Peru.”

the market grocery in peru nebraska

As excitement builds towards developments in Peru, The Market is continuing to provide exceptional service in Louisville.  Shane Mathis, Louisville Elementary School Principal, is grateful for the impact that the Schmidt’s and The Market have had on Louisville.  “They have children in our school, and live in our community…” Mathis said.  “We are so appreciative of all that they helped with and provided during the pandemic, and they continue to provide the preschool with healthy snacks that include fruits and vegetables, helping students get into the habit of eating right.”  Mathis knows first-hand what an impact The Market has had on Louisville, but is also excited for what he knows will be an exciting opportunity for the community of Peru.  Mathis not only attended and graduated from Peru State College, but has strong ties to the Peru community.  He happens to be the son-in-law of former Peru State College President Dr. Dan Hansen and his wife Elaine, both of whom have been devoted to the college and the community for well over a decade. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat. “Lindy and DJ are incredibly supportive and kind people…” Mathis added. “They truly care about our community, and they will be huge for Peru as well.”

the market grocery store

To hear Lindy and DJ talk about their own town, and their flagship Market, it is clear that there is a deep love and appreciation for their community and their desire to serve, support, and inspire others.  “We want to urge others who have a dream that they too can open a shop, and together we can fill up the small-town main street with thriving small businesses” Lindy proclaimed.

With passion, the endorsement of their communities, and an overwhelming desire to serve and support, Lindy and DJ Schmidt will undoubtedly not only inspire others but ensure that The Market continues to feed their communities in a unique and special way.

Spring of 2022

The Market Grocery Store, in Peru Nebraska, is scheduled to open in the September of 2022. Renovations of the existing space are already underway! DJ and Lindy will have a new vision for the interior and exterior of the existing space. They’re excited to serve the students and faculty of Peru State College, the town of Peru, and the community of Nemaha county.

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    This is great! I wish they would come to Highland, Kansas! We have a community college here, and our grocery store closed quite a few years ago!

  • Jake

    This is great news. It is crucial to have a grocery store here. Thank you!

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