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Business Logo Ideas. Take Your Brand To The Next Level!

Did you know that your logo can have a significant impact on your company’s performance?

Designing an attractive logo that captures your brand’s image is crucial for building your brand identity. With an effective logo, many people will remember your business when they see it on the web or in advertisements.

In a world where design trends are always changing, it’s not easy thinking of ideas for your new company logo. But don’t worry! We’ve done the hard work for you. Here are 11 business logo ideas that will blow your customers away.

1. Wordmark

Wordmark logos, also called logotypes are words that have been designed to be logos. Wordmark logos are popular among businesses and large corporations. Coca-cola, Apple, eBay, and Google all use wordmark logos.

Does your company have a distinctive name? Consider designing a wordmark logo. Unique typography that fits your business’s personality helps to build a strong brand identity.

2. Monogram

Monogram logos are also called lettermarks. These logos are created by using the initials of a company’s name. Many of the most well-known companies use lettermarks, including Hewlett Packard (HP) and Cable News Network (CNN).

If your business has a long name, you could consider shortening it with a monogram logo. These types of logos are usually very simple and rely on clever use of typography.

3. GIF/Animated Logo

If you really want your company’s logo to stand out, why not create an animated version? Dynamic GIF logos capture people’s attention more easily than static logos.

You could also consider creating different variations of the same animated logo. You can then use these animations in different contexts to showcase different aspects of your brand.

If you do decide to create an animated version of your logo, make sure it’s subtle. A logo with too much motion can be distracting and off-putting.

4. Abstract

An abstract logo incorporates a shape or abstract image.

There is plenty of room for creativity when designing an abstract logo. Think about your business and what kind of work you do. This can help you think of ideas for abstract images that would fit your brand identity.

When you decide on an image, distill it down to create a more simplified version. A good example of this is Spotify’s logo which looks like soundwaves.

5. Minimalist

Minimalism is a popular trend right now when it comes to design. Many companies are designing their websites according to minimalist principles.

If you want your business to have a clean and straightforward look, then consider designing a minimalist logo. Minimalist designs work best with wordmark or logotype designs. This is because logos that are made up of words or letters are easy to turn into minimalist designs.

With a bit of clever design work, logos that incorporate images can also be made to look minimalist.

6. Mascot Logo

business logo ideas

Plenty of companies have a mascot as the focus of their logo. Think about the Michelin man or the Wendy’s logo.

Mascots are best for brands that want to build trust with their customers. Businesses that do a lot of public interaction such as entertainment brands or family-friendly brands can use mascots to connect with their customers.

If you do decide to create a mascot for your business, make sure your chosen character is fun and likable. A good mascot should embody your brand’s image.

7. Emblem

An emblem logo is usually an image of some kind with a border or shape around it. Emblems often look like badges or crests.

Emblems add a feeling of prestige or luxury to your brand. If your business deals in an upmarket industry, you might want to design an emblem logo. Alternatively, emblems can be used to signify that your business is the best in the industry.

Famous brands with emblem logos include Starbucks and Harley-Davidson.

8. Illustration

Another trendy logo design is the illustrated business logo. An illustrated logo looks like it was drawn by hand. These logos are often either simple and minimalist or complex with a lot of detail.

An illustrated logo gives your business a feeling of authenticity. These kinds of logos are often used for small, niche brands. Illustrated logos suit brands that have a natural, organic vibe.

If you want an illustrated logo, find a skilled designer with experience designing these types of logos.

9. Symbols

Logos based on symbols are also called pictorial logos. These logos often look simplistic and clean. Companies choose to design symbol logos when they want to foster strong brand recognition.

Some of the most iconic logos are symbols. This includes the Apple logo, the Twitter bird, and the Quicksilver logo.

If you decide to design a symbol for your logo, make sure the mage you choose is relevant and unique. You don’t want to risk your brand being confused for another, similar-looking one.

You can design a symbol based on your company’s name or you can choose one that has a less obvious meaning.

10. Images With Letters

Also called combination logos, these designs consist of images and letters together. This is one of the most famous logo styles. Think about Burger King, Adidas, and Puma. They all use the name of their brand combined with an image.

The picture and text can be stacked on top of each other or they can be side-by-side. Combination logos give you the flexibility of combining two styles together to create something truly attractive.

11. Flexible

Your logo should be flexible enough to use in a variety of different contexts. That means designing a logo that looks great in different sizes and on different media (web, print etc). A logo that’s overly stylish might look great in one context but it may fall short when it comes to another.

If you need to, create different versions of your logo for use in different places. Just remember not to make them too different otherwise people may wonder if it’s the same brand.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level With These Business Logo Ideas

These business logo ideas should help you design an attractive logo for your new company. Before you decide on a particular style for your logo, think about your brand’s personality.

Do you offer luxury items? Then an emblem design might work well. Maybe your business offers organic, homegrown produce? In that case, an illustrated logo would suit you best.

Whatever style you choose, the most important thing is to find a competent designer with experience creating company logos. That’s why you should consider working with us on your next project. Contact us today if you’re interested in 316 Strategy Group creating business logo ideas for your next venture!

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