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Yes! YouTube launches a dedicated podcasts homepage, according to a recent Tech Crunch report.

The successful and consistently dominating streaming platform that reigns supreme over the world’s viewing habits keeps adding more opportunities for marketers every day.

YouTube has over 122 million active users and 1 billion hours of content viewed daily, with the U.S., India, and Japan seeing the biggest spikes in activity.

The largest age group using YouTube is between ages 15 and 35, which are not-so-sensitive “yet sensational” demographics for your next guest or business idea via podcast!

So, how did the general public find out that YouTube Launched a Dedicated Podcasts Homepage?

The Future of Audio & Video

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the entire planet, and now they have now added a dedicated podcasts homepage, which is a definitive indicator that they are approaching podcasts and their ad revenue potential more seriously than ever. On August 22, YouTube officially confirmed to writers at TechCrunch that the new podcast destination is “Jet, set, and ready to go” live for United States users after the page was stumbled upon before the official release.

Even though the fully operational URL did not appear in the website sidebar navigation during each search instance, the dedicated podcast page is now live on the YouTube Explorer page, poised and ready among other segments such as Learning, Fashion, Gaming, and Sports.

This brand-new destination within the king of streaming video content’s offerings will allow users to check out popular podcast episodes, shows, and their creators, as well as clue their friends into what they are currently enjoying on the digital dial.

Prior to this official announcement, there were already a few indicators noticed throughout the industry that YouTube was going to have a dedicated space for podcasts, especially after “everything-audio” giant Spotify entered the arena with its video podcast capability and support.

Future plans are to feature exclusive ads curated by Google and other savvy industry players, which will offer a viable source of revenue as some are battling at the mercy of younger-populated platforms such as Tik Tok.

This announcement is great news for small business owners who are open to video podcasts.

Production Houses Poised for Change

Podcast production houses like 316 Strategy Group were excited to read the headlines: YouTube Launches a Dedicated Podcasts Homepage.

We must admit we live for crunching numbers of all types here at 316 Strategy Group, and it’s part of our formula for serving our clientele with the highest level of success. Officially released documents also claimed that YouTube planned to integrate metrics for creators to measure performance such as Nielsen, Chartable, and Podtrac.

The success of YouTube’s Gaming and Fashion categories are just a few examples of how traffic can be diverted from the initial landing page to a fully-fledged streaming service.

And according to Chartable, business, entrepreneurship, and real estate podcasts continue to chart well.

We are already fully equipped to do video podcasts in Omaha, Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, New York, or anywhere else there’s a hot topic that is begging to be talked about and unleashed to the intently listening world.

Staying ahead of the curve is how legendary performance and results are derived, and we are eager for anyone inspirational and successful to step up and embrace the soothing on-air warmth of the mic along with cutting-edge 360-video.

2022 is a year that will see many “Getting with the program or getting behind”: and the list of topics people want to hear about can range from pop-culture derived, practical, educational, on up to segment-leading and seasoned professionals.

Feel free to reach out to us at 316 Strategy Group for any questions, ideas, or examples of just how we can add audio-visual podcast wizardry to your life’s on-air-ready passion! Our dynamic podcast partnership with Two Brothers Creative brings delivers the most state-of-the-art audio and video podcasting to the Omaha area. If you are eager to connect with an Omaha Podcast Production company or need podcast hosting, give us a call or connect with us online!

Are you excited about the news that YouTube Launches a Dedicated Podcasts Homepage?

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