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Giving is a fundamental aspect of many people’s lives, and it should be. What has really caught my attention this week is how much businesses give. In this week alone I have worked on projects all about giving, talked to many people who have heart for giving, and visited businesses that give.

Omaha Gives was this past week, it is the largest fundraising event in Omaha and I had the opportunity to work with 316 Strategy Group on multiple projects. I witnessed and got to be a part of, giving of our time and talents to very worthwhile causes. I also was part of a pro-bono video shoot a couple weeks ago that lasted 13 hours for this event. It is amazing to be in a position where I work for a company that values giving to such an extent.

Give as soon as you feel you can. ~ Brett Boyer, CEO of Center Sphere

I am finding that this culture of giving is very much alive amongst successful people in the world of business. I had the honor of speaking to Brett Boyer, CEO of Center Sphere this week and he had some powerful words in regards to giving. Something that stood out to me was his response to my question, “when did you realize you were in a position to give and what made such a huge impact?” He spoke about growing up in a family where tithing was always a priority. Giving is such an integral part of who Brett is as a businessman and person. He told me, “give as soon as you feel you can.” He went on to explain it is not about having enough or giving a lot. It is about giving what you have. He spoke on the topic of giving more powerfully than I had heard it ever presented before. I also had the amazing opportunity to speak with Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Reality. He said he felt a “moral responsibility as a business owner to give.” For him it is never a question of whether or not to give, but rather how to allocate the funds he can give. When people approach business with the attitude that these men do I think it makes the world a better place. I want to point out that both of these people were giving just by taking the time to talk with me, an intern, and help teach me. It was an amazing experience for which I am truly grateful and will cherish.

I feel a moral responsibility to give. ~ Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty

There are other ways to give. It’s not all about money. It can be giving of time, advice, service, or whatever the case may be. I met business owners who gave away goods and services for free or greatly reduced. I interviewed Shelah Hinton, owner of Omaha Massage & Wellness, who mentioned taking care of patients at no charge if they were going through a difficult period in their life. This giving shows a respect for the great position these business owners find themselves in. They are at a place where they can help their fellow person even if they are not at a point where they can give away money. “Give when you can.” They can, as can we all, we just need to find out how we are able to.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as a smile or saying good morning, that can be what someone needs.”- Brett Boyer

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