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This Omaha Podcast Video is hosted by Matt Thompkins, Joseph Kenney, and Christopher. In this video they will interview five entrepreneurs. This podcast video is about small businesses and entrepreneurship.

In this Episode

In this first episode of The Omaha podcast video we interview five different entrepreneurs. We listen to their stories of success, heartache, and failure.

  1. Master’s Hand
  2. Ginger Chick Fit
  3. NuSpine Chiropractic
  4. The Copper Group
  5. Chief Carriers

Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, small business owner, general manager, maker, or creator there is something for you in each episode of The Omaha Video Podcast.

This podcast was created for the entrepreneur, side-preneur, solo-preneur and small business owner and features interviews with, you guessed it, entrepreneurs who are on fire!

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need This?

Video Podcasts are great for entertainment and storytelling, but they’re also a fantastic learning tool. They allow you to develop your professional skills by learning new strategies and keep you date on changes in the business world.

This Omaha podcast video is an online video podcast community created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

In every video podcast episode, viewers we’ll learn what has made local businesses thrive, how those entrepreneurs built their success, and the lessons they earned along the way.

You’ll hear these stories directly from entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders, to help you create your own success story.

Who is Hosting This Entrepreneurial Community?

The Omaha Podcast video is powered by the partnership of 316 Strategy Group & Two Brothers Creative, who are both invested in the strength and success of our local business community. Together, they bring over 25 years of radio & television experience and 50 years of small business consulting and digital media to the video podcast studio.

Who Will Be Interviewed?

The Omaha Podcast video will leverage its deep connections in the community to bring you inciteful and enriching Omaha video podcasts.

Interviews will include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Creators & makers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Local politicians
  • Professional athletes
  • CEOS

The Omaha Podcast video series will bring the best business interviews directly to you!

Where Can These Be Watched & Listened To?

The Omaha Podcast video will be produced twice weekly and released to the public every Monday and Wednesday. The video podcasts will be released on YouTube.

The Omaha Podcast will be available on your favorite listening platform. Here is a link to

Glean Insights

Glean insights on leadership, innovation and productivity from one-on-one conversations between top entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we crave new skills and strategies to maximize business growth–but finding time to attend a seminar or read a book can be a struggle when we’re balancing time and attention on our companies and family lives.

So how can we fit it all in? In a word: Video Podcasts.

Video podcasts give you the unique ability to be flexible in the way you want listen to or watch The Omaha Podcast video. You have choices!

Packed with expert interviews, fascinating conversations and creative content you can absorb while commuting, waiting for a flight, or running on a treadmill, entrepreneur video podcasts are fast becoming a go-to for top leaders.

So, why not leverage this video podcast content and learn from the best minds in business as they share experiences, advice and insights that are often immediately applicable to your own entrepreneurial journey?

Join Matt Tompkins, Joseph kenney, and Christopher Slater for an enlightening video podcast series.



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