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Social Media Strategies for Your Small Business

Most small business owners need these social media strategies but don’t know it. Owners are looking hard for answers to solutions for more website traffic, social media engagement and conversions to build their company’s brand. While great social media strategies aren’t delivered via a stork and dropped out of the sky, you don’t have to make it any harder than it should be.

Joseph Kenney, social media guru and founder of 316 Strategy Group, is one person who snatched his success in an unlikely place. Kenney became a hard core digital marketer because he wasn’t looking for someone else’s answers, he was looking for his own. These five important social media strategies can help your brand thrive on social media.

Stop being dependent on apps, programs and bots

In this day and age there is a program and an app for everything you want to do with your social media, from auto posting/scheduling to analytics data to beacons to messenger and direct messaging. While there is a time and a place for these important assets to your digital game, at some point you need to make sure these programs, apps and bots don’t define your social media activity.

Kenney stresses his approach to being personal with people on social media. Scheduling programs like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and other auto-posting tools help you stay consistent, but your posts aren’t as relevant you certainly aren’t responding to someone’s questions in real time. All too often, small businesses load up 20-30 posts and knock out their social media for the month. While we understand time is a commodity, you are missing the point of social media entirely.

Customers crave conversation and engagement from your brand — from the real you and not an auto-posting program from 20 days ago. Don’t allow your brand to be controlled by these automated sources because it doesn’t portray your brand’s true personality. Yes, it’s okay to use these tools because you want to be more efficient in your marketing game. We get that. However, as a savvy small business owner who wants to dominate your vertical on social, you will understand when to break from the pack and make time for a more personal touch.

Create original content

social media strategies for success

Your social game depends on your ability to understand your customers. Your social media pages need to entertain and engage your audience on a regular basis. Kenney also advises the best way to attract more people with real content on your social account, is by staying consistent. The advancements in phones make if very easy to create your own content. If you stay consistent, people will want to stick around and listen to what you have to say. Remember, it’s all about your customers and what they enjoy. Listen to your customers, grab your iPhone and begin creating awesome original content for them to enjoy! It’s really that easy! 

Follow then lead

social media strategiesMost small business owners want to thousands of followers, but they don’t want to follow or show interest in other businesses or social media accounts. That’s not the way it works, folks.  To build a strong social media following, you need to be both a leader and a follower of social media pages.

Engaging people on social must be a core competency moving forward, so don’t reject it. This is going to help your small business in the long run. People will always remember the engagement and conversation. Learn to follow the most relevant social media accounts/people to your brand. Then, engage them regularly and you will soon find yourself leading the pack.

Engagement, the true measuring stick

Again, there is no shortage of programs and software to help your social game. The same is true for ways to measure your social media success.  Stats from analytics programs are great but don’t be afraid to measure what’s right in front of you. Take a deep dive into measuring your success. Start with the social engagement your brand is earning every day on social media platforms. Even a quick review will reveal who is interacting with you on a consistent basis and who the influencers or key players are when you post. Looking for a #ProTip? Anytime anyone likes, comments, retweets, etc., you should take notice, and respond to those people as quickly as possible. This one simple tip can help propel your organization into the stratosphere! 

Engage then build

Engagement is the foundation which relationships are built upon. There is no social marketing tip any stronger than this — engage then start building the relationship. Easier said than done. This takes time, so don’t blow it by selling to them right out of the gate.  This is a courtship not a one night stand. 

As a small business owner,  spend the time, build the relationship, and establish the trust with your social media followers. Over time, you will be able to leverage the reach of these new relationships! There is no shortage of social media strategies being advertised or promoted by so called experts. Focus on these 5 social media tips first. When you focus your time and energy into your social media audience, you will reap the rewards.

You are encouraged to implement these social media strategies on your own. We understand you may not have the time or patience to do so. Our team of professional social media managers are here to help you along the way.





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