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Plant-based foodies rejoice! A new Plant-Based restaurant is coming to the metro and will be unlike anything in the Omaha area. Owners Cindy and CJ Guenzel are thrilled to be introducing Rooted Table Kitchen + Juicery and will be opening the doors of their elevated fast, casual, plant-based café in the popular Countryside Village this spring.

Food Is a Connector

Plants nourish people, and people thrive together.

“Food is a connector. It’s a place to pause, enjoy and be present. It’s a place to spend time with those we love. It’s a communal experience.” Cindy said.

For C.J. and Cindy Guenzel, it brought them together and continues to be a passion for them in their home, family, and daily lives. Cindy explained how this journey began nearly two decades ago. “18 years ago, our relationship began while cooking and creating together in the kitchen and exploring the foods in New Orleans. C.J.’s good friend and roommate were vegetarian so we focused on cooking plant-based out of respect for the house rules.”

This happened to be at a time when Cindy and CJ were experiencing some health issues. For Cindy, it was digestive struggles, discomforts, and some pain. For C.J., it was attention, brain fog, and sleep irregularity at night and during the day. “The body was giving us clues that we needed to make some lifestyle adjustments,” CJ said.

Cindy added, “As we did research about how to help ourselves, food and nutrition became a big part of the discussion as well as supplementation to assist our immune system and body functions at the cellular level.

And so, our plant-based journey began. That was 18 years ago. The more we committed to taking care of ourselves the easier it became to prepare plant-based foods.”

Some of Cindy’s favorite memories as a child were in the kitchens of the women in her life. “I, too, want my kids, family, and friends to experience the warmth, joy, and nourishment of eating plants. Making a better community matters to us and it’s this mission that drives us to bring Rooted Table to life” she said.

Vegan Omaha

For those who maintain a vegan diet, Rooted Table Kitchen + Juicery will be the Omaha area’s newest offering for a full menu of vegan options but is not a restaurant only for those who follow strict vegan diets or lifestyles.  “We are 100% plant-based, but not all dishes are 100% vegan,” Cindy said, adding that some of their dishes and recipes will contain honey.

Whether you maintain a strict vegan diet, or may not be as strict but tend to choose mostly plant-based options, or even if you are a self-proclaimed carnivore, Rooted Table is dedicated to providing flavorful, healthy options any day of the week.

A plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of plant-based foods. Plant-based diets encompass a wide range of dietary patterns that contain low amounts of animal products and high amounts of plant products such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Rooted Table Kitchen + Juicery will serve nutritionally dense, nourishing meals and drinks to meet the daily health needs of the community while offering a harmonious gathering space for customers to share in their health journey.

Over the years, their ideas have grown from a smoothie shop to a juice bar, then to an adaptogenic coffee shop, and on to offering plant-based meals. Then it hit them. “Why not offer all of it?” Cindy said.

  1. Smoothie Shop
  2. Adaptogenic Coffee
  3. Plant-Based Meals

“We decided to marry the concepts together and build a one-stop shop. We are excited to serve people and empower our customers into a vibrant life filled with beauty, goodness, and nourishing food. Health is wealth, and we want to empower our customers to do just that” she added.

Health is wealth. ~ Cindy Guenzel

Rooted Table is a new plant-based restaurant concept serving nutritious smoothies, cold-pressed juice, nourishing lattes, superfood bites, healthy bowls, soups, salads, sandwiches, and satisfying treats.

  • Satisfying treats
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Healthy Bowls
  • Superfood Bites
  • Nourishing Lattes
  • Cold-Pressed Juice
  • Nutritious Smoothies

More Than A Place to Get Meals

The Rooted Table Cafe is more than just a place to get vegan or plant-based meals. It’s a place for people to feel connected and supported.


“We exist to serve with love, nourish with plants, and heal with deep-rooted connection one cup, bowl, and plate at a time,” CJ said.

When you meet Cindy and CJ, you know right away that their servant hearts and passion for health and wellness go far beyond a restaurant. “We want to help people live healthier lives,” Cindy said. And that not only includes the physical sense but the emotional and spiritual as well.

“It’s important to know that while Rooted Table is a plant-based vegan café in Omaha, we know that not all of our patrons will have an exclusively plant-based diet,” CJ said. “They may eat BBQ and hamburgers on many days, but stop into Rooted Table for a different option another day. We are here for everyone” he added.

Rooted Table Cafe will offer a positive, supportive community around plant-based eating and drinking, lifestyles and choices, including;

  •        Organic Cold-Pressed Juices and Wellness Shots
  •        Wellness Lattes and Teas
  •        Coffee – including pH-balanced coffee
  •        Digestive aid drinks and Kombucha
  •        No added refined and processed sugar
  •        Minimal oil usage in the food – only healthy oils including coconut, olive oil, and avocado oil
  •        Breakfast menu serving: gluten-free muffins, smoothie bowls, savory and sweet options
  •        Lunch menu serving: soups, salads, sandwiches, bowls, treats, and grab and go

They will accomplish this through the practice of environmentally aware processes while supporting local food systems, farmers, and the health community.

The Guenzels are passionate about giving back to their community through plant-based food. “We will also work together with local partners and farmers to serve local produce, showcase these farmers and their work, build partnerships with key health providers in the Omaha area, and provide recyclable to-go products and composting to minimize waste,” Cindy said proudly.

Cindy and CJ have been working diligently behind the scenes with key strategic partners such as Rich Barmettler, of BCG Group and the talented team at 316 Strategy Group to bring Rooted Table to life.

“Cindy and CJ leave anyone they encounter with a smile and a better day ahead,” said Christopher Slater, of 316 Strategy Group.

“I can’t wait for the doors to open and I’m sure Rooted Table will be a new favorite spot. The dynamic plant-based drink and food menu will be unparalleled in the Omaha area” Slater added.

With a mission of creating a nourishing environment to meet the daily health needs of the community while providing an unprecedented dedication to transformation and collaboration in a harmonious community, the Guenzels are committed to helping people live healthier lives.

“We are so excited to offer something new to our community,” Cindy said. “Rooted Table will be the best of the best in the plant world showcasing colorful vibrant plants, a commitment to cooking processes like dehydrating and vector ovens for its low carbon footprint, and serving organic fruits and vegetables to our customers.”

Rooted Table will be a bright and comfortable environment for people to not only eat, but meet and enjoy one another, work, and hang out. The Guenzels are focused on developing and nurturing a positive internal working culture, and a warmly elevated customer experience.  Rooted Table is for anyone looking for a bright spot in their day, and a healthy choice for their body, mind, and spirit.

Building a Healthier Community

The Guenzels’ guiding principles behind Rooted Table are firmly rooted in building a healthier, more harmonious community and world while sharing that;

  1. Plants nourish the most cellular level of the body and build stronger, more vibrant systems within the body.
  2. Vitamins and nutrients are delivered to your cells through nutritionally dense food and a colorful palate.
  3. We are committed to food made with love.
  4. People thrive: We are focused on building connections just like the trees connect to each other for life and vitality. So too are we connected to each other.
  5. Connect to Self: Get back to yourself through delicious nutrient-dense food which attracts the eye and enlivens the senses.
  6. Connect to your body: Creating beautiful spaces that are grounded and alive.
  7. Connect to the community: Encouraging healthy living to bring out the best in all of us.
  8. Engaging sustainable practices through composting, supporting local, organic farming, and returning the table to the roots.

Look for more exciting information about Rooted Table in the coming months, but in the meantime, you can follow the journey by becoming part of the Rooted Table Community on social media, by following @RootedTableCafe on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out rootedtablecafe.com.

Plants. Nourish. People.

Offering smoothies, cold-pressed juices, coffee, tea, nourishing bowls, and food, grab ‘n go, and delicious treats. Rooted Table will introduce superfoods to help supplement diets and fuel your body for living your best life.

After exploring many different plant-based eateries across the country, CJ and Cindy Guenzel are excited to be bringing vibrant, healthy, and enjoyable choices and experiences to the Omaha community.

A from scratch, plant-based kitchen serving cold-pressed juices, smoothies and meals. They can’t wait to welcome you to Rooted Table, opening in Countryside Village in Omaha in the Spring of 2023!




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