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Not familiar with how Pointy interacts with Google My Business?

It’s no surprise that sites like Amazon are reaching great success while some brick and mortars are decreasing in sales. Business has been moving in the direction of online sales for a while now. Thankfully, there are practical devices to help brick and mortars in this area. Pointy is a great tool to be utilized by small businesses that want to increase their local customer base. When someone is in need of a product and searches it on the internet, Pointy ensures that the small business’s products are seen. This helps brick and mortar stores compete with online giants. The business owner simply has to use Pointy’s attachment and scan their products like normal. The products appear online automatically – no extra data entry needed. The store and products are then made available through a Google search.

316 Strategy Group Google Pointy

As seen in this image, the products are also listed in the “See What’s In Store” section of a Google My Business page. Customers discover what the business sells immediately, before even stepping foot in the store. When a customer who is local to the business searches for a specific product, the product will come up as “in stock” at the business.

Product Ads

Another tool Pointy offers are Product Ads. This option is available to Pointy customers to broaden their online reach. This displays high-performing Google ads for every product the business offers when they are scanned in the system. The ads are the first thing the potential customer searching google sees when searching for a specific product. The business owner has full control over how much is spent each day and the geographic range.

316 Strategy Group google pointy

Pointy Joins Google

Pointy and a Google My Business page go hand in hand. Google makes the products accessible to the general public and Pointy allows the products to be easily entered into the system and easy to be found by customers. These tools are what will help small brick and mortars in the age of online sales.

Are you interested in learning more about how Pointy can help your business? Contact a 316 Strategy Group representative today.


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