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Use these Instagram basics to increase your social media presence and your user engagement!

Instagram changed the world, creating a big splash that continues to draw in millions of users every single day. Every business needs to use this buzzing platform to its advantage.

The good news is that learning the Instagram basics is easy. Check out our Instagram 101 guide down below to get started right away!

Post Regularly

The first rule of any social media platform is consistency. Without a regular posting schedule, your viewers dwindle and forget about you. They don’t keep up-to-date with all your latest news and products.

When it comes to learning how to use Instagram, a good posting schedule is your number one priority!

Engage With Your Audience

Audience interaction is the core of Instagram marketing basics. Your audience wants to see the personality behind the business so that they feel a connection to your products or services.

Whenever someone comments on a post, reply to them. Even a small thank you is enough to make a person feel special.

It’s also important to create posts that offer ways for your audience to interact in return. Ask them questions or offer special discount codes. These things keep a viewer interested and active in everything your business has to offer.

Stick to a Style

As you build your audience, you want to pick a certain posting style and stick with it. If you change the style of every post, it makes your business feel disjointed and unprofessional.

By sticking to a specific style, your audience will recognize a post from you in an instant. Don’t forget to check out other professional Instagrams for inspiration on the right kind of style aspects!

Use Business Insights

The insights tab is one of the basic features of Instagram any business needs to know inside and out. It gives you valuable information about your demographics that you can then use to further your online presence.

Check these statistics often so that you can tell when a certain style of post is more successful than others.

Keep Updated on Trends

Instagram adds new features all the time and it’s your job to know all about them. Without understanding things such as Instagram stories or reels, you’ll miss out on a lot of marketing potential. Your audience will seek out other profiles that are using these new features.

Instead, always keep an eye out for the latest updates. Take the time to learn them as soon as possible so that you’re able to interact with your audience with all the newest trends!

These Instagram Basics Are the Best Foundation for Your Business

Social media requires you to juggle a lot of things at once and can be overwhelming at first. With these Instagram basics, you’re off to a great start to building a successful platform.

Stick to the basics and you’ll strengthen your business’s presence in no time at all!

To get the most out of your Instagram experience, check out our services. 316 Strategy Group is an award-winning social media agency in Omaha. We’ll help you achieve all your social media goals!

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