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Let’s celebrate entrepreneurship with a business shower. The more we think about it, the more it makes sense to organize a start-up or business shower for entrepreneurs who usually rely on themselves. Yet, a lot of entrepreneurs struggle to get started because they lack time, direction, money, tools, and support. In the absence of not knowing what to do, most people simply do nothing for their friends starting up new businesses.

If you want to go fast, go it alone. If you wan’t to go far, go it together. 

So, how do throw a business shower?

We’ve all been to more baby showers than we care to remember, so we’re confident you can create something special that truly impacts your friend’s start-up. One rule of thumb, though. Leave the thoughtful gifts at home. This is about utility and nothing else. The bottom line is, invite friends and give gifts that are impactful!

Who Do You Invite?

Who are the most impactful guests you can invite to the business shower? Rather than inviting guests to attend with their usual “+1”, ask them to come with one person from their network that could be of interest to your friend’s business. It can be a business angel, someone who can share technical resources, someone who has mentoring to offer, anyone who can in any matter support your friend’s change of career or start of business. The idea is to expand your friend’s network to give him or her human resources he or she has not thought of yet, he or she doesn’t have access to yet.

What to Buy for a Business Shower?

  • Social Media – Leverage your personal or business social media platforms to showcase the newly minted business with posts and stories.
  • Blog Articles – Spotlight your friend’s business in a series of blog articles.
  • Connections – Share important connections and give your friend a jump start on networking.
  • Working Capital – Most entrepreneurs grossly underestimate how much money is needed to start their newest venture.
  • Expertise – Use your professional expertise to benefit the new business. Gift them a few hours of your time to share your insight (accounting, advertising, business development, marketing, etc.)
  • Office Supplies: Give them a gift card to a local office supply store or pick up a few reams of paper.
  • Advertising: Advertise their business in your next email blast, on your social media platforms, or at your business.

What do you do at a business shower?

Leave the diapers and baby names at home. Make no mistake, this is a professional event. Let’s do something special to support this new start-up or business venture.

  • Working Capital Gift Card Box: Attendees can drop cards with cash for working capital.
  • Focus Group: Everyone is there, right? Why not use it as an impromptu opportunity with the people you trust the most?
  • Social Media Blitz: While at the business shower, ask attendees to TAG and post about the new business.
  • Tour: Take guests on a physical or virtual tour of the business space.
  • Review: Put attendees in the driver’s seat and have them review your product or service first hand.
  • Flyers: Guerilla marketing 101! Guests can split up to ‘flyer’ targeted neighborhoods.
  • Video: Set up a camera for guests to drop a video testimonial.
  • Think Tank: You’ve got everyone in the same room, right? The collective wisdom of the group can make a lasting impact on the business owner. Break out the dry-erase markers, grab a drink, and pour into your friend’s business with a clever brainstorming session. Trust us, this is a great opportunity to generate ideas and solutions even if they don’t apply right now.

We all have different goals, ambitions, desires, and a sense of achievement. Whatever your friends are trying to achieve through their business, there is always a special way to show up, be there, and offer support. We can all agree that work is not more valuable than family and personal matters, but feeling supported and successful does impact our personal lives. The next time you hear of a friend starting a new business, please consider supporting their efforts in a special way.

Planning a business shower? Be sure to drop us an invite. You can count on 316 Strategy Group to be there to support them with our expertise as well as financially. It would be an honor to be part of their business journey.


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