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Discord for business? Yes! With more people working from home, businesses working across states and countries, or with new ways to reach customers, an online connection is more important than ever for your success. Is there an app that can solve all of these issues for your growing company?

Discord is a bit of a newcomer in this respect. Although they’ve been around since 2015, they’re making inroads in the business world as a way to connect with customers and collaborate with teams.

There are many benefits to using Discord for business, but you need to know how to use the app to its fullest potential. Our guide will walk you through how you can utilize this powerful tool for your business.

Basics of Discord

discord for business

Wondering what is the Discord app? Let’s look at the basics before we show you how to use it for your business.

Discord has both mobile and desktop app and in-browser access. Once you set up your account, you can create different servers for internal communications or customer engagement.

It offers VoIP and immediate text chat. You can integrate other platforms, like YouTube, with your Discord server and even go live.

Setting Up your Discord Account

First, either download the app to your phone or desktop or sign up on the website. You’ll be able to change your nickname on each server, so in one place you can show up as “customer service” and in another “team leader”.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the option to create your own server, a channel just for you and whoever else you invite. You have the option of making a server for yourself and friends or for a public group.

From here, you can create separate channels for customers or employees for different topics, such as “company-wide memos” or “marketing brainstorming”. People need an invite from you to join, which makes them a secure option for communication.

Using Discord for Business

The main draw of Discord when running a business is the instant communication it provides. This can be the lightning-fast responses from team members or connecting with potential customers.

The VoIP channel can be used like an open phone call that invited members can jump in on at any time. You can hold morning meetings or have someone on hand to answer quick questions from your team.

Discord is a boon to customer service. Having an open channel where customers can reach you for troubleshooting is one of the best ways to take care of any issues they might have.

Consider using Discord for new launches, having real-time chats with customers when going live with a new product. Get feedback from customers as to what they’re looking for in order to discover niches you didn’t see before.

Discover Discord for Your Business

Discord can be an exciting new way to reach your existing and new customers and also collaborating with your team. You’ll find using Discord for business can be fast, efficient, and innovative. Are you new to the Discord App? Be sure to read our recent article about the 15 benefits of using the Discord app!

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