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It’s time for the business transformation season. When you strip away all the pastels, pageantry, and Easter bunny baskets … it’s about transformation.

At 316 Strategy Group, we love the process of transformation. Personal and business transformations. Ours and others.

It’s beautiful when business owners move from that old version of their business to where the business owner always knew they could be.

That’s why we founded 316 Strategy Group. . . . to help business owners transform themselves and their businesses.

So, if you need to:

  • Gain an edge on your competition
  • Get unstuck in your daily routine
  • Drive bottom-line results
  • Find that lost passion for your business

Then, continue reading about the steps necessary for a successful business transformation in 2022 and beyond. This type of transformation isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone, but if you’re ready to go to the next level in both your professional career and personal life, then keep reading.

Every great story has conflict, resolution, and victory. The Easter season is a great reminder of the transformations that are possible.

The Definition of Business Transformation

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, HVAC, physical therapy, real estate, or construction it’s important to better understand the definition of business transformation. In the literal sense, business transformation is all about identifying techniques, new processes, and technologies that aren’t being used to their maximum capacity. It requires a unique understanding of how alternate solutions can be applied to further gain an edge on your competition, get unstuck in your daily routine, drive bottom-line results, and find your passion for your business.  

Business owners undertake business transformations to drive revenue and create additional value for their business. The key to achieving this can be found by:

  • Improving efficiencies to maximize the company’s future potential
  • Harnessing technology to scale, grow, and conduct their day-to-day operations.
  • Unlocking the hidden potential of employees

Organizations undertake business transformations to create additional value. This may mean unlocking the potential of employees, harnessing intellectual property and proprietary technology for additional purposes, or becoming more efficient to maximize the company’s potential.

It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent business owners who survive but rather the owners who can best manage change. ~ Christopher Slater, 316 Strategy Group

We never said business transformation is easy. In fact, it’s not. This is not a simple process. Fear often sets in and disrupts the transformation process. How business owners deal with this fear and communicate with employees often dictates how successful this transformation will be.

Although we’ve identified 10 drivers necessary for a successful business transformation, we’re going to focus on four in this article. Business owners who are interested in learning more can contact our business consultants for more information.

Business Communications

Any business owner undertaking a transformation should be focused on clear and consistent communication between team members at all levels and throughout the organization.

This type of communication ensures everyone is in the loop and it helps employees understand their specific roles and the availability of resources to help them achieve their goals.

Consistent communication helps build a spirit of collaboration, too. According to recent data, businesses that focus on clear and consistent communication throughout the company are 3X more likely to have a successful business transformation.

Change Management

Clear and consistent communication is a great start but effective change management allows you to measure and analyze the changes being implemented. They help you the business owner better understand how they are impacting your workplace.

Those within your organization who are responsible for change management implementation have to be very good communicators. Knowing when and how much to communicate will lead to a successful business transformation. Without the right information reaching your team members at the right time makes successful change impossible.

Setting Targets

Setting clear targets and communicating them clearly to team members is critical for a successful business transformation. All too often we meet business owners who have abandoned the thought of setting targets or goals let alone communicating those goals to team members.  Employees need to understand the goals they are supposed to achieve, how they’re going to achieve them, and when they need to be achieved by.

We advise our clients to set short, mid, and long-term targets and goals. The short-term targets help motivate employees. Mid and long-term targets or milestones should be celebrated throughout the organization.

Sense of Urgency

Why any business owner would want to wait to transform their business is hard to understand. Without a sense of urgency, it is hard to motivate and engage team members to take action, change communication styles, implement new technology and participate in the transformation process.

Business owners should lead with a sense of urgency in making those changes. The time to transform a business is always now.

The Importance is Undeniable

The importance of a business transformation is undeniable. Our team at 316 Strategy Group can help you better understand using these steps and how other alternate solutions can be applied to further gain an edge on your competition, get unstuck in your daily routine, drive bottom-line results, and find your passion for your business. Our business strategists in Omaha and Grand Island are scheduling appointments now.

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