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SEO Marketing is the future of Kansas City businesses.

seo marketing kansas cityGoogle and Bing account for nearly 85% of all online searches. Succeeding at SEO marketing in Kansas City will benefit your business beyond your wildest dreams.

What is SEO marketing? It’s using SEO tactics to advertise and sell products or services. The increased search engine visibility drives traffic to a website, generating brand awareness, sales, and other conversions.

You own a modern business. Therefore, to increase your chances of success, you must make your business stand out to search engines. In the end, they determine who encounters your business and who doesn’t.

Here are some tips that’ll help your Kansas City business rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages):

Relevant Local Keywords

SEO digital marketing involves using strong keywords to help search engine crawlers index your site quicker and more appropriately. The strongest keywords are relevant to your business and related to Kansas City.

For example, if you run a craft store in Kansas City, look into keywords like “Kansas City crafts” and such. If you run a pizzeria, you could try using another long-tail keyword like “pizza in Kansas City” along with other local restaurant SEO tips.

Keyword research gives you insight into a keyword’s strength and search volume. The higher a keyword’s search volume is, the more often people search for it, but that also means it’s harder to rank higher in the SERPs. Sometimes, it’s better to rank higher for keywords with a lower search volume than to get buried in SERPs for more popular keywords.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves using digital content to attract leads, customers, and conversions. Search engine optimization is what helps search engines find this content and rank it accordingly.

The best content is informative, useful, and interesting/entertaining. It also includes relevant keywords and visual components to make it more outstanding to search engines and internet users alike.

Publish blog posts about subjects your audience is interested in. Again, use keyword research to reveal what topics are the most in-demand.

Social Media

Maintain branded social media accounts with the keyword “Kansas City” included in your display name. Ensure your @accountname is the same on all platforms to facilitate the cross-platform posting, which increases brand awareness and sales.

Tailor your social media posts to match your industry. For example, anyone using social media for non-profits should post plenty of emojis and personal pictures to humanize their brand. Fill out each image’s alt-text with a (keyword-rich) description to further optimize a post for SEO.

Paid ad campaigns on social media are popular due to their relatively high ROI. They help you target your audience/attract warm leads and customers based on users’ previous searches. They also fit seamlessly into the browsing experience, so people are more likely to engage with them.

SEO Marketing Is the Future

51% of website traffic comes from organic searches. Appearing in more organic searches means getting more organic traffic, which is easier to convert into sales.

Businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. That’s why blogging improves SEO marketing efforts and your marketing strategy in general. Fortunately, a good SEO marketing company knows how to create a cohesive strategy.

Get serious about SEO—learn more about our SEO/analytics services. We’ll boost your search engine rankings to the next level.

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