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As the days of Hispanic Heritage Month wane, the vibrant echoes of its celebration linger in our hearts and corridors at 316 Strategy Group. Embracing cultural diversity isn’t just an October thing for us – it’s ingrained in our ethos and mirrored in our talented, multifaceted team every day.

The Pulsating Rhythms of Alejandra’s Hispanic Heartbeat

headshot of Alejandra Marquez-Govea by Foton Foto

Introducing Alejandra Marquez-Govea, Orchestrating Excellence Behind the Scenes in Our Operations and Finance Divisions. She is an intrapreneur whose heart beats with the rich rhythms of her Mexican heritage. Born in Mexico and raised in the United States from the tender age of three, Alejandra has seamlessly melded the vibrant Mexican culture with the boundless opportunities found in the U.S., creating a beautiful mosaic that enhances her creativity and problem-solving skills.

Alejandra fondly recalls celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day in her hometown, Dolores Hidalgo, a locale synonymous with Mexico’s fight for freedom. The month-long festivities, laden with traditional foods, music, and activities, have shaped not just her childhood memories but also her profound appreciation for her cultural roots.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s a joy to share about my culture and appreciate those who take the time to learn more about it. ~ Alejandra Marquez-Govea

Alejandra embodies the essence of Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing her culture and traditions with her peers, enlightening and enriching our workspace with delectable tamales and stories of her rich heritage.

Her message to her peers is one of curiosity and openness: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s a joy to share about my culture and appreciate those who take the time to learn more about it.”

Ruben Mejia: A Symphony of Perseverance and Passion

headshot of Ruben Mejia taken by chris holtmeier of foton fotoRuben Mejia, another spectacular embodiment of Hispanic tenacity and ingenuity, translates his rich Mexican heritage into his work and life every day. Raised by parents who moved from Mexico and deeply understood the value of education through their own struggles, Ruben has not only carved a niche in digital marketing but also found a way to intertwine his passion for boxing, inspired by the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez, into his life’s narrative.

His heritage is not merely a tale of the past, but a living tradition that threads through his current life, as seen when his one-year-old dons the same mariachi boots that once adorned his own feet. Ruben appreciates the overlapping timelines of Hispanic Heritage Month and Halloween, bringing forth engaging discussions and cultural exchanges within the workspace, all while enjoying the similarities and unique distinctions of each tradition.

Every culture is different and unique… hearing about someone’s culture can really tell you a lot about the individual. ~ Rubin Mejia

Ruben encourages his peers to listen and learn: “Every culture is different and unique… hearing about someone’s culture can really tell you a lot about the individual.”

Weaving a Tapestry of Diverse Threads at 316 Strategy Group

316 Strategy Group isn’t merely a witness to the cultural tapestries that Alejandra and Ruben bring. We are active participants, keen listeners, and curious learners, understanding that the strength of our team lies in the diversity of our threads. It’s through understanding each unique cultural strand that we weave a stronger, more beautiful tapestry.

Our commitment to leveraging cultural diversity is not limited to a month; it is a perpetual journey where we continuously learn, appreciate, and find inspiration in our varied backgrounds.

By integrating the strengths that arise from our individual stories and cultural narratives, we bolster not just our work environment but also the innovative solutions we provide to our clients.

A Future Echoing with Diverse Melodies

As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, its spirit reverberates in our team’s stories, work ethic, and the innovative solutions we provide to our clients. We look forward to a future where every month is a celebration of the varied, vibrant heritages that make us who we are, believing that these multicolored threads will continue to weave a future that echoes with the melodies of diverse cultures harmonizing together.

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