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Is Guerilla Marketing Right for Your Business?

Guerilla Marketing is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service. And no one is better than Red Bull at pulling together an effective guerilla marketing strategy.

In Red Bull’s early years, they created a strategy to penetrate an already saturated energy drink market in London. They placed empty cans in crowded public areas throughout London. In an instant Red Bull changed the narrative and quickly gave the impression that the Red Bull brand was popular. Given the high pedestrian traffic, this was an ingenious way to get free advertising and quickly gain notoriety throughout London. They even target certain demographics by leaving cans on college campuses, stadiums, and popular night clubs.

While this guerilla marketing strategy was controversial and likely unauthorized at the time, it was worth the gamble given the low-cost and high reward. And, years later we’re still talking about Red Bull’s bold marketing move!

Red Bull by Design

Red Bull through the years has carefully crafted a winning guerilla marketing strategy that goes beyond having a good product. Their strategy goes much deeper, invoking emotion among customers throughout the world. That’s what all companies should strive for. Brand loyalty. For 316 Strategy Group it’s “We Grow Businesses,” and for Nike it’s “Just Do It,” and for Apple it was “1,000 songs in your pocket,”. What emotion does Red Bull create? Red Bull “Gives you wings.”

Sell a Story Not a Product   

With an anything is possible approach, Red Bull started sponsoring events ranging from Formula One to record-breaking orbit jumps. Red Bull was less about selling drinks, and more about creating a strong brand image that connected with those who sought adventure, thrill and adrenaline.

Don’t get us wrong. The end goal has always been about Red Bull selling energy drinks, but creating stories is what gives Red Bull an edge over its competitors in a saturated energy drink market. Their edgy advertising campaigns and guerrilla marketing strategies allow them to charge a premium price and still maintain a loyal following.

The Element of Surprise

Guerilla marketing is a tactic that plays on the element of surprise. In the warfare context, guerilla connotes ambush, sabotage, raids, but how does that translate into marketing, brand loyalty, and ultimately sales?

Generally, guerrilla marketing techniques involve unconventional, out-the-box campaigns that are original and experiential. Usually low-cost but high-impact, these immersive experiences are a great way to market to current customers as well as potential future customers.

Now It’s Your Turn

Take a page right out of Red Bull’s playbook. If you’re interested in running a guerrilla marketing campaign and need help with anything from thinking of new ideas, to strategy, to executing the master plan then get in touch with 316 Strategy Group for a quick consultation. We’re an award-winning digital agency headquartered in the Midwest. We have operations in Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, and Nashville. Wherever you live and work, we can craft a winning social media strategy that will build brand loyalty and turbocharge your business.

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