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Ranking High on Search Engines Matter

sOrganic traffic captures 40% of revenue. Search engines notice will your Des Moines business more with a few SEO tricks up your sleeve.

What is search engine optimization? It’s any action you take to make your website more visible and attractive to search engines. SEO helps businesses by attracting warm leads and sales.

You’ve worked hard on your business. You deserve to have your branded website stand out to Google.

Here are some search engine optimization tips for Des Moines companies:

Improve Your Site’s Speed and User Experience

A website’s loading speed affects its search engine rankings. It’s important to have a site with a fast loading time to encourage users to stay on your website and keep the bounce rate low. Fortunately, there are plugins available that increase a website’s speed.

Your website must also provide a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to navigate and digest. If your website offers anything less than that, it’ll hurt your rankings. Good thing our experts in web design know-how to create an SEO-friendly site that Google loves!

Still, an SEO-friendly website only does you so much good unless you use the following tip:

Use Strong Keywords

Joseph Kenney, President of 316 Strategy Group, says, “Keyword research is an essential component of any working SEO strategy”. This research helps you decide on relevant, valuable keywords that’ll help search engine crawlers index your site accurately/quicker. For this reason, researching your keywords is one of the top 12 flawless SEO tips.

Kenney’s digital media company has been serving the Des Moines area since 2017. He believes in using strong local keywords in your Google My Business profile (which, by the way, you should fill out completely). Kenney says It’ll help more local users find your business.

Long-tail keywords (keyword with 3 words or more) are helpful when you’re targeting local traffic. It’s easier to rank higher in long-tail keyword search results than for keywords with a high search volume.

“Keyword research is an essential component of any working SEO strategy.” ~ Joseph Kenney, President of 316 Strategy Group

Nonetheless, a complete keyword strategy includes keywords with high search volumes and keywords with lower search volumes. This increases your chances of ranking higher in more searches.

Link Building

Link building refers to acquiring backlinks to your website. You get a backlink every time someone links to your website, which increases its value, authority, and ranking in Google’s eyes. The more high-quality backlinks you generate, the more successful your search engine marketing efforts will be.

Write guest posts for other relevant websites to publish on their blogs along with a link to your website. This boosts your brand awareness and backlink count all at once.

Social Media

The best search engine (Google) notices your website more when you promote it on social media. Social media promotion increases organic traffic to your website, which increases your ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages).

In your social media posts, always include links to your website’s content along with compelling visual content. People share posts more when they contain an attractive image or video, which will boost your traffic and rankings.

Search Engines Will Make Your Business Boom

Only 30% of small businesses have an SEO strategy. Minding search engines and rankings will give you an edge over your competition.

75% of people never scroll past Google’s first page. That’s why it’s worth it to invest effort into ranking higher in SERPs.

Start ranking like SEO royalty—check out our SEO/analytics services. We’ll take your website’s rankings to new heights.

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