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316 strategy group omahaIt should come as no surprise that at 316SG, we do things a bit differently… well, a lot differently, and in our experience, different is our normal.  A typical day includes sharing time and ideas with the amazing and brilliant minds of colleagues and clients, solving complex challenges, and of course, lots of laughs. On a recent sunny November day, normal meant taking the time to toss on a couple of pilgrim costumes and hit the streets including some of Omaha’s most notable spots, the Old Market.

Before we could even drop some change in the parking meter, we were being greeted with smiles, waves, conversation and requests for photos. We knew we were about to make some folks’ day a bit brighter, but we were really having a little fun ourselves. Just a couple of pilgrims enjoying a beautiful Omaha day, being asked by shop owners and managers to stop in for photos and to visit.  We are grateful for any opportunity to visit with business owners and impart our strategies, creativity and business knowledge, and those conversations come surprisingly naturally with business owners who are looking for an edge. Those are some of the most exciting conversations we can have!

We were asked to pop into Billy Frogg’s for some photos, and although we had set out on this day to give the gift of a fun encounter and simply raise others around us, the tables were turned in this iconic Old Market pub. It was there that we encountered Sheryl, sitting near the end of the bar having a pint.  Spotting a fun photo opportunity, we asked if we could sit on either side of her for a few quick photos, when we realized that she was hearing impaired.  She was both surprised and delighted that we were able to sign to her, having a brief conversation and sharing some laughs … it was Sheryl’s giddy laugh and energy that was the greatest gift of the day.  We are thankful for the wonderful people of this extraordinary city who make our jobs so remarkable, and on this day especially, for Sheryl and her infectiously beautiful laugh.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?  From all of us at 316 Strategy Group, we wish you the most joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends.

316 Strategy Group Omaha Social Media316 Strategy Group Omaha Social Media316 Strategy Group Omaha Social Media


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