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This week I had a unique experience. One that very few people in a business internship get. I had the opportunity to direct a national fitness video. I had known for some time that when the end of my summer came near I would be directing something, but the details, including subject matter I found out only very recently. The experience was very eye opening and challenging in ways I had not anticipated, and overcoming those challenges took self-evaluation which I find very valuable.

There is a lot that went into this. Pre-production included planning a story, making a shot list, writing a script, choosing music, among other things. This was all an interesting learning experience. It was exciting to learn, and do, the behind the scenes stuff not many people are exposed to. It makes you appreciate even the short videos you come across so much more.

A moment to review my shot list.

A moment to review my shot list.

Now the real challenge came from actually directing a cast & crew. I questioned my entire plan and vision for the video when we arrived on location. Everything quickly became real. I was very fortunate to be working with a patient and experienced crew and an enthusiastic cast. Everyone willing to work with me and make the vision reality made the experience much less stressful and daunting than it could have easily been. Still, the undertaking had a bit of hectic-ness to it. Organizing and moving people in small space presented some challenges I wasn’t prepared for. It forced me to quickly create solutions. Jumping between cameras to check everything for each shot was very fast paced. But the biggest challenge, and learning experience was vocalizing my thoughts. I needed to be very precise in what I wanted and trying to communicate my vision to other people proved more challenging than I would have expected. My crew was great at asking the right questions to understand where I was coming from and getting good shots. But still, it was a good reminder that while I knew what I wanted not everyone did and different people need things communicated in different ways and it is the director’s job to create a shared vision. A task more challenging than I would have thought.

Never would I have thought the summer of 2017 would be when I would add “director” to my list of accomplishments.

Overall I’m grateful to the people who worked with me. It was inspiring to see so many people come together for a shared goal. I am also grateful for the opportunity.


Now, off to the editing bay! Stay tuned!

Barry Beavers (Director)

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