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Delaney Fisher: Elevating Visual Storytelling at 316 Strategy Group


Omaha, NE – 07/31/2023

316 Strategy Group, an award-winning advertising and marketing firm, is delighted to introduce Delaney Fisher as their newest Social Media Coordinator. With her dynamic background as a graphic design major and self-starting photographer, Delaney is poised to elevate the company’s visual storytelling and social media presence.

Hailing from Omaha, Delaney Fisher’s passion for art and photography has been the driving force behind her journey into the world of visual storytelling. As a graphic design major, her keen eye for capturing unique moments has allowed her to infuse unparalleled energy into her work, leaving an indelible mark on each frame she captures.

In her role as Social Media Coordinator, Delaney will be spearheading 316 Strategy Group’s social media initiatives, curating captivating content that resonates with audiences and amplifies the company’s message. Her deep understanding of visual storytelling and her daring spirit, stemming from thrilling experiences like skydiving, will bring excitement and creativity to the firm’s social media campaigns.

Sara Sabaliauskas, the Director of Social Media at 316 Strategy Group, expressed her enthusiasm for Delaney’s hiring, stating, “Having Delaney as our Social Media Coordinator is a game-changer for our team. Her passion for art, storytelling, and adventure brings a unique perspective to our social media strategies. We’re confident that her fresh approach will captivate our audience and strengthen our client’s digital presence.”

Her passion for art, storytelling, and adventure brings a unique perspective to our social media strategies.

Delaney’s unwavering commitment to visual storytelling is underscored by her belief that every frame she captures is a testament to boundless possibilities and joy. Her goal is to inspire others to embrace their passions and seek out their own adventures, all while leveraging the power of visual content to engage and motivate audiences.

Since joining 316 Strategy Group, Delaney has wasted no time in showcasing her exceptional skills and creativity. Her ability to encapsulate not only moments but also emotions and essence in her photography has already garnered praise from clients and colleagues alike, setting a new benchmark for visual content at the firm.

With her fearless spirit, relentless pursuit of adventure, and unwavering passion for visual storytelling, Delaney Fisher assumes the role of Social Media Coordinator at 316 Strategy Group with a promising future. Her appointment is set to fortify the firm’s position as a leader in innovative and engaging social media campaigns.

Connect with Daleny Fisher at [email protected]

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