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Tracy WinklerProfessional EOS Implementer

Tracy Winkler, Digital Strategy Consultant with 316 Strategy Group is bringing EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Leadership Development, and Speaking to small and medium-sized businesses. As a Professional EOS Implementer®, Tracy specializes in helping businesses grow, scale, and make an impact.  Her expertise in business growth and development helps business owners and their leadership teams to get what they want from their business through a simple, proven operating system.

Growing up in a serial entrepreneurial family, Tracy brings over 30+ years of experience in the family business, executive-level management, business ownership, strategy consulting, business coaching, and leadership. Tracy is keen at knowing how to scale a business. She learned first-hand the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you’ll do, from an early age. She witnessed and participated in the struggles and successes of the family businesses, and those experiences influenced who she is as a business leader today.

Tracy is a deeply skilled business coach, strategy consultant, facilitator, and lifelong learner dedicated to helping leaders find their own answers. She is intimately familiar with the challenges of small and medium businesses. Tracy embodies a relentless drive for order and accountability.  She has an innate ability to spot when something is not working and the ability to pivot quickly. 

Tracy is a high-energy entrepreneur who has owned and operated 6 different businesses, some good, some great, and some not so great. She draws from her years of experience, formal training and her passion to help businesses grow, scale, and make an impact. Tracy does this by offering tools and strategies that propel her clients to the next level of success.   

Tracy works with established family-owned and privately held businesses to help them implement EOS® into their business.

One thing, Tracy’s clients are never alone in their journey!

 What Tracy has Witnessed…

  • Lives CHANGED for the business owners.
  • Clarity ACHIEVED for the leadership team.
  • COHESIVENESS of the brand and the impact they make in the world.

This all resulted in getting more from their people and fostering a unique working environment that no competitor could match.

Tracy’s promise to you…

  • She is going to PUSH YOU.
  • You WILL get out of your COMFORT ZONE.
  • We WILL have a lot of fun with lots of laughs.
  • And we will get through this TOGETHER!

Are You Ready For A Change?

It’s time to get a grip with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Learn more at eosworldwide.com/tracy-winkler.

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