316 Strategy Group’s online digital directories are one of the most affordable and effective business tools available to businesses today. Unlike other forms of advertising or marketing, our directory listings are optimized in a manner that organically improves your business’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Local SEO is influenced by two factors; Reviews and Mentions. 316 Strategy Group will take the steps necessary to establish credible citations. Our online business reviews provide rich, organic content, which is looked upon favorably by search engines, particularly Google, and improves your rankings in local search results.

A staggering 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Forbes Online Magazine: "Your Business Needs To Get Social, Local And Mobile--Fast"
  1. To present your business to the customer who is searching the directory, or searching for the services or products provided by your business online. The ability to have a listing that includes rich content describing your business, products and services as well as links to your social media, photo and/or your video as well.
  2. Your content is optimized in a manner that captures a search engine’s attention. The wider you cast your digital net, the greater your chances increase to be picked up by search engines.However, just casting a big net is meaningless unless the net is able to hold what it catches. We create strong organic “nets” (or content) that are constructed to give your website longevity.The content we develop is accomplished through telling your story. What makes this so valuable is that it cannot be duplicated by using traditional print media.
  3. Perhaps most importantly is in the ability to have your customers provide authentic testimonials and reviews, which search engines love. The bank of reviews we collect for you will only continue to grow. With each review you receive, your search engine reputation will increase.In addition to building your online reputation you will also be building the reputation of your local business. For example, if you were to ever get an unfavorable review, we can alert you so that you can make a connection with that customer.Third party reviews are worth their weight in gold, and we make efforts to help you garner those reviews.

Our Directories

Our three specific platforms and directories include 316 Marketplace, Omaha Town Square and Build The BigO.



We are keenly aware that there is a growing number of faith based consumers who are seeking to do business with those who they are confident will treat them with dignity and respect. 316 Marketplace is a nexus for faith based consumers to find like-minded businesses. All of the businesses in our 316 Marketplace directory have demonstrated that they want to do business with the character and integrity that is required by the call of Christ.



Omaha Town Square is all things Omaha and serves a broad demographic across the Metro. Specializing in #Omaha Originals, Omaha Town Square (OTSQ) can be seen at many of Omaha’s most established businesses as well as the latest, trendiest locales. If you are a business looking to be seen and noticed in the Metro, you want to be a part of the Omaha Town Square.



Build The BigOis a platform that is dedicated to Contractors of all trades, Home Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Real Estate Agents, Designers… you name it…If it has to do with who and what builds Omaha and makes it tick, it belongs in Build The BigO, Omaha’s premier contractor directory.

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