Tonya Ludwig Writer
Tonya LudwigWriter

Tonya has enjoyed an eclectic work life, holding jobs in the legal field and marketing, which matches her personal history of living in several states from Florida to South Dakota and several states in between. Omaha sunk its hooks in and now, it’s home. Tonya’s passion for writing began at a very young age, but wasn’t fully cultivated until she started and (miraculously) completed her first novel, which evolved into a second novel, peppered with a full range of magazine articles. She was a monthly contributor to Women’s Edition magazine for seven years, and wrote about topics ranging from fish mongering to heart health.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, and scrapbooking; however, she spends more time making memories with her family rather than recording them in scrapbooks. She has a daughter, son-in-law, two sons, and three granddaughters who are geniuses.

Tonya and her husband are the owners and co-founders of 621 This online gift shop offers local, artisan foods and gifts made in the Midwest. The 621 Gifts business model focuses on supporting small businesses, serving others, and giving back to charity.

Tonya will be covering stories of faith, family and local business. We’re thrilled to have Tonya part of the 316 family.

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