kathleen Raabe
Kathleen RaabeVisual Design

Kathleen hails from the great state of Texas and graduated from Texas State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising. There she was involved with a Catholic service sorority, which helped mold her strong Christian faith and values. Her hobbies include art and design, Pinterest crafts that never turn out quite right, going to the gun range, two-stepping, chasing a half-clothed toddler around the house, shopping (when said toddler allows), brightening someone’s mood, and daydreaming about the day she finally gets to meet Taylor Swift.

Kathleen has worked in graphic design and marketing for the past seven years. She enjoys helping small businesses achieve their social media marketing goals and working with them to form a visual identity that can be easily recognized through graphic design. “There’s something really rewarding about seeing an advertisement or a logo and knowing that you were a big part of that particular design,” says Kathleen.

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