$1.00 bags of popcorn available at the premier Omaha Popcorn store, Jock and Jill’s Popcorn.

Jock and Jill’s Popcorn in Omaha, Nebraska boldly accepted the challenge to create a TOP SECRET blend for Omaha’s own Scuba Steve of, Hit That Dive. The mad popcorn scientists of Jock and Jill’s Popcorn, after accepting the challenge, quickly retreated to the popcorn lab.The team at Jock and Jill’s Popcorn, a specialty popcorn shop near 72nd & Jones, relied on their teamwork and skills to create the elusive Spicy Buffalo Ranch popcorn requested by Scuba Steve himself. Scuba Steve, being the gentleman he is, kindly handed over the first tasting of this soon to be famous popcorn to JT from Omaha’s Q98 FM station. JT, under heightened security, will accept the honor on Friday, January 16th!

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