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Here is your guide for Omaha podcasts! There are more than 2 million podcasts around the world. Competition is clearly tough for podcasters in Omaha and reaching audiences is hard to do sometimes. So, how can you make it easier to do?

Repurposing podcast content to reach new audiences on different platforms is a great way to solve this issue. With repurposed content, you save time and money by creating new content from existing episodes. It also has multiple other benefits we’ll discuss later in the article.

Forecasts suggest that the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 million in 2023 after increases of around 20 million each year. ~ Joseph Kenney

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for the ultimate guide on Omaha podcasts and content repurposing.

New to podcasting and stumbled upon our guide to repurposing content? No problem! Start with our What Is a Podcast article first!

What Is Content Repurposing?

a podcast studio in Omaha

Image: Two Brothers Creative Studio in Omaha. 

Content repurposing is a technique that businesses use to reuse content and save time and money. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses in Omaha to generate content. It allows them to cut down on the amount of time needed to create new content and also reduces expenses.

Content repurposing is the process of taking a piece of content and transforming it into a different format. This could be taking an article and turning it into a video or a podcast. This makes sure content is fresh and relevant to customers in Omaha and across the country.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

There are many benefits to using content repurposing for businesses. It allows companies to have the same message across multiple formats, which makes their marketing more effective. It also gives them more opportunities to reach people in different ways and on different platforms.

Omaha podcasters and content creators don’t have to spend time and money to create tons of original content. They can repurpose existing content and still create something new for audiences.

What Isn’t Repurposing Content?

There are a few ways that people confuse repurposing that isn’t. For example, sharing your existing episode isn’t repurposing content. To truly repurpose content, you take an existing piece and create something new with it. The key to successful Omaha podcasts is repurposing content and distribution!

Should You Repurpose Your Podcast Content?

In a world where content is king, businesses need to think about how they are going to create content for their audience. Sometimes this can be difficult and time-consuming. However, if you are able to repurpose content, you can save time and resources by using it again in different ways.

Repurposing content does not necessarily mean copying and pasting the same content over and over again. Repurposing is the process of taking a piece of content and giving it a new purpose.

You must make sure that you are repurposing your podcast content in the right way. You should ask yourself a few questions before you decide to do so. Questions to ask:

  • What are the goals for this new project?
  • What is the timeline?
  • Which parts of my podcast content are relevant to this project?
  • How much time and money do I have to invest in creating new content?

Have you already created podcasts in Omaha? Congratulations! You are one step closer to podcast success! Keep reading!

How to Determine Which Episodes to Repurpose

The first step in determining which episodes to repurpose is to determine the topics that have generated the most interest. Next, you need to make sure that you’re not duplicating any content or ideas when creating new presentations. You should always use different examples and different words when creating new content.

If a podcast episode was successful, it is worth repurposing.

How to Know If a Podcast Episode Was Successful

young man sitting at a table with a podcast microphoneThe first step in determining if the podcast was successful is to see how many listeners it had. This will give you an idea of how popular the show is and how much interest there is in it.

The second step would be to see if people who listened shared their thoughts on social media. Did they share thoughts about the show as a whole or specifically about that episode? Were there thoughts positive or negative?

The third step would be to see if they subscribed or left a review. Understanding the popular parts of the episode will be an important factor in creating new content.

316 Strategy Group in partnership with Two Brothers creative has successfully produced and distributed hundreds of episodes of Omaha podcasts. Keep reading to learn more about repurposing content for long-form podcast episodes.

Image: Cole Vanderheiden on a podcast in Omaha at 316 Strategy Group.

Steps to Repurpose Long-Form Podcast Episodes

It may seem daunting to consider repurposing longer podcast episodes. But, it doesn’t have to be! Follow these steps to break it out or let 316 Strategy Group do the heavy lifting for you:

Step 1: Generate a Transcript

podcast transcript is a document that records the spoken words in a podcast. It can be an audio recording of a podcast episode or a written transcript. The transcripts are useful for repurposing content.

Transcripts can help to repurpose existing podcast episodes into new content. They are a great way to get more value from your podcasting investment. You can use transcripts for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Creating blog posts and articles about the episode
  • Generating social media content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels
  • Creating audio summaries or highlights of the episode
  • Creating closed captioning

They provide the full conversation, not just the main points. Repurposing content will be easy with this information.

Step 2: Highlight the Key Themes

You can take a podcast that you have already created and use the transcript to highlight key themes. Then, use these themes as a guide for creating blog posts, articles, or any other content focused on the same topic.

This strategy helps you to repurpose podcast episodes into new content. But it also makes sure that they are still relevant and on-topic.

Step 3: Identify Short Notes

When reviewing, you should be identifying short themes in the podcast transcript. Once you identify them, you should group them for future reference. For example, if you have a podcast episode about customer service, you may want to keep track of all mentions of customer service.

Short notes in a podcast transcript help to repurpose podcast episodes into new content. The notes will help you identify short themes to create new content.

Themes are important because they provide a way to structure your content. They also make it easy for people to find your article when they search for specific topics.

Ways to Repurpose Podcast Content

two middle aged men sitting at a table with microphones

Image: A podcast interview at 316 Strategy Group in Omaha.

There are numerous ways to repurpose podcast content. These range from articles to short clips. Learn more about repurposed content below:

Show Notes

Show notes are often overlooked by podcasters. They think that their listeners won’t care about them and will just skip them. But show notes are important for both the podcaster and the listener.

Things to include in show notes:

  • A description of the podcast episode
  • A list of links to any other content mentioned by the host and guests during the episode (articles, videos, etc.)
  • An outline of any key takeaways from the episode
  • A list of the resources mentioned in the show for people who want to go deeper on a particular topic

Benefits of Publishing Show Notes

Repurposing podcast content into show notes will help you get the most out of your podcasting efforts.

Show notes are a great way for you to provide more information about the episode. It also allows you to share links and provide resources for people who want more information on the topic.

They can help you rank higher in Google search results because they give additional context about what your podcast is about.

SEO Blog Posts

mobile podcasting omaha

Blog posts are a great example of repurposed content. There are many ways to create blog posts from podcasts. You can use the transcript of the audio or you can summarize the podcast in your own words.

It’s a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences and make connections.

Benefits of Having SEO Blog Posts

The benefits of repurposing podcast content into SEO blog posts are numerous. You can find a new audience by creating SEO-focused blog posts based on your podcast episodes.

SEO blog posts are an excellent way to get more visibility on Google searches and attract new customers. This means more people will be able to find it.

LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are a great way to promote your podcast, especially if you’re trying to get more listeners. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform. It’s important to remember the articles you publish there should be more professional than those on other platforms.

LinkedIn allows you to create a more detailed article than what you can create with just a post. You can use all of the features that the site has to offer such as images, videos, links, quotes, and more!

Benefits of LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are a great way to expand your reach and create engaging content. Repurposed content will help you provide them with fresh, original content.

Video Clips for Social Media

A video clip is a short video that is usually uploaded to social media. It’s a way to share your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with the world in a more visual way. Video clips are usually shorter than one minute and they are perfect for sharing on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram.

Repurposing podcasts into video clips can be a great way to increase social media engagement. Video clips are an excellent way to share a story and they also help with user retention.

The video clips are short and sweet, they can be as short as 10 seconds. Video clips can promote a podcast by creating a teaser for the full episode or summarizing an episode that is too long.

Benefits of Video Clips for Social Platforms

Video content is the most popular form of content on social media. It is also a very effective way to reach your target audience. You can repurpose podcast content into video clips and share them on social media to engage with your followers or customers.

Short clips are easier and faster to consume. They also have the potential to reach a wider audience because audiences share it on several platforms.

YouTube Videos


If you don’t have the time or resources to create a video, you can repurpose your podcast into a YouTube video. This will require some editing and creativity but it is worth the effort.

It is a great way to leverage the popularity of podcasts and introduce them to new audiences that may not be familiar with them. It also gives audiences interested in your niche more opportunities for engagement.

There are many ways to create YouTube videos out of a podcast. One way is to transcribe the podcast and then record your voice over the transcript. Another way is to use software that can turn a podcast into a video.

316 Strategy Group can help you transcribe your podcasts if you would rather hire a podcast company to do it for you.

Benefits of YouTube Videos

Podcasts are a great way to get your message across but it can be difficult to reach an audience. YouTube is a great platform for content creators of all levels and sizes.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, generating billions of views every day. This makes it the perfect place to promote your podcast content and reach a wider audience. YouTube videos can go viral and reach millions of viewers in just a few hours.

It will help you gain more exposure for your podcast. It also will increase your listenership. Going viral can rapidly grow your following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Podcast Trailers

podcast trailer is a short promotional video that advertises a podcast. They are usually one to two minutes long and attract listeners to the podcast.

They usually feature the main characters from the show and give some background information about the plot. They also tease upcoming events. Think of them as previews or commercials for a show.

Benefits of Podcast Trailers

Podcast trailers are short clips that promote the podcast to potential listeners. It is beneficial for both listeners and the podcast host.

Listeners will have an easier time finding new podcasts that they might enjoy on the internet. Hosts will gain new listeners who have not heard of their show before and might become loyal fans. Podcast trailers are a great way to build a podcast audience!

Teaser Videos

Podcast teasers are audio-only versions of a podcast episode, typically lasting between 20 seconds and one minute. Podcast teasers serve as a teaser or preview of what’s to come on the full podcast episode.

They are generally posted on social media or used in an advertisement. They give listeners a taste of what they can expect from the full podcast, but don’t reveal any major spoilers.

Benefits of Teaser Videos

Teaser videos are an excellent way for businesses to promote their content. When done correctly, they also increase conversion rates and drive more traffic. Teasers will entice listeners to listen to the full podcast episode.

It will also allow you to promote your other episodes as well. This strategy also works well if you have a series on certain topics and want to promote each new episode in the series.

Teasers and podcast trailers? Does all of this sound confusing? If so, click here to read our in-depth guide on how to create a successful podcast trailer or teaser video!

All successful Omaha Podcasts utilize teasers and podcast trailer videos. Now, let’s learn about podcast audiograms!

Audiogram Templates

A podcast audiogram is a graphic used to promote podcasts on social media. It includes the podcast title, the episode title, and the time stamp for when the episode was published.

You can use audiogram templates for any type of show or podcast. You can customize the template and adjust it to fit any brand’s needs.

Audiogram templates are a great way to help you create a professional-sounding audiogram. They have all the important sections that you need for an audiogram, like the title and intro, background music, and of course your podcast.

You can create a podcast audiogram in the Canva Pro app but if you don’t have the time, 316 Strategy Group can create it for you!

Benefits of Audiogram Templates

Using audiogram templates is a great way to create new content while leveraging the time and effort you have already put into your podcast. Audiograms are highly engaging marketing assets that can build awareness of your podcast. Having a template for easy creation will help boost your numbers.

Quotes and Images

Podcasts are a great way to learn and be entertained. They are also a great source of inspiration for quotes and images.

Images and quotes can be created out of podcasts by reading the transcript and taking notes. You then use an app or website to create the images or quotes. You should make your podcast images and quotes attractive so others share them on social media.

Benefits of Quotes and Images

Repurposing podcast content into images and quotes is a great idea for marketers. It is a creative way to advertise their products, podcasts, or website.

It’s also a great way to get your content out there and make it more accessible for people who don’t have time to listen to the podcast. It also reaches those who don’t like podcasts at all.


Creators can make podcasts more accessible and engaging by turning them into newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to connect directly with your audience.

To create one, you can summarize the podcast’s main points or create a series of articles. Then, you must design your newsletter creatively.

You can use the same design as the podcast. Or you can create a new one that matches your company’s branding and style but is slightly different than the podcast.

Benefits of Newsletters

When creating it for newsletters, you must make it more relevant to your audience. This will increase their engagement with the newsletter. It’s an easy way to make sure that your audience gets all the benefits of your podcast without any time constraints.


Podcasts are a great way to share knowledge and ideas with a wider audience. But if you want your podcast to reach a wider audience, or you want to sell your podcast, then you need to create an ebook out of it.

Ebooks are a great way to reach your audience. Readers can access books at any time, on any device, and they are easy to distribute. But how do you create an ebook out of a podcast?

There are many different ways to create an ebook from a podcast. You could record the audio from the podcast and transcribe it into text.

Creating an ebook is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is some time, patience, and the right tools for the job.

Benefits of E-Books

Podcasts are a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment. Podcasts are often full of interviews with experts and interesting people who share their thoughts on various topics. Since podcast content is already produced, it is easy to repurpose into an ebook for a wider audience.

Some additional reasons why you should repurpose podcast content into ebooks include:

  • Increase your visibility by reaching out to new audiences, such as people who don’t listen to podcasts
  • Increase your earnings by selling the ebook on Amazon or other online platforms
  • Extend the life of your podcast by providing additional value for listeners


You can easily turn podcasts into courses. You do this by repurposing them into an interactive, engaging, and structured format. Courses are a great way to build an online presence for your business.

They are an excellent way to share knowledge and expertise with your audience. Courses are lessons or tutorials that can be accessed in various formats. They usually contain the full content of the lesson or tutorial.

They teach skills and knowledge in a structured way. Courses also usually have an assessment at the end of each section so students can measure their progress throughout the course.

Benefits of Courses

In today’s time, there are many ways to monetize your podcast content. One of the most popular methods is to repurpose your podcast into an online course. Some benefits include:

  • Increased engagement with your audience
  • Easy access to different kinds of content for different purposes
  • Better understanding and awareness of the topic

It allows you to create an immersive learning experience for your audience by using the same language and tone as the podcast.

Considerations When Repurposing Podcast Episodes

When repurposing your podcasts into new content, you need to consider a few factors. They are as follows:

Demographics and Audience

You must understand the audience you’re targeting with your content. Be cautious if you repurpose podcast content for a different audience. It could lead to miscommunication and ultimately, failure.

Your Expertise

With the growth of podcasting, it’s becoming more and more important for content creators to know their expertise. If you are a podcaster and want to repurpose your podcast into a blog post or an article, you should make sure that your content is relevant to the topic.

The Show’s Format

The format of a podcast is an important factor in determining what type of content to produce and how to do so. It will also help you determine the best way to distribute your show on different platforms.

Goals of Podcast Content Marketing

So, what is the goal of all this new content? What is it supposed to do for you and your podcast? You should create content to:

Build Brand Awareness

With repurposed content, brands can reach their audiences through different platforms, including social media and YouTube.

There are many different ways that companies can use repurposed podcast content as a marketing tool. They might use the content as an introduction to their company or product. Or perhaps they might create content around specific topics that their audience is interested in.

Attract a New Audience, Increase Brand Awareness, Establish Authority and Convert More Sales. Podcasts Can Do All That.

Establish Thought Leadership

Repurposed podcast content can establish thought leadership in a niche. By using the content, companies can build trust and credibility with their audience.

This is beneficial for those who want to establish themselves as thought leaders in their field and build their audience. It is also beneficial for companies that want to show the value of their product or service to other people.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Repurposing podcast content is a great way to drive traffic to your website. You can use a podcast episode as your homepage or blog post, or use it in social media posts.

The key to repurposing podcast content is staying true to the original message of the show. You should also provide an enticing call to action. Podcast content is SEO-rich content. Want to learn more about how to optimize your transcripts, website, YouTube channel, social media platforms, show titles, trailers, teasers, and podcast descriptions? Read our guide to podcast SEO!

Build Trust With Audiences

Repurposing a podcast can be risky but if done correctly, it can help build trust with audiences. It provides a new and fresh perspective on the topic which makes it more interesting and engaging.

Increase Podcast Subscribers

Repurposed content can increase podcast subscribers. It is important to think about the audience and the medium before you repurpose content.

Podcast Content Creation Tips and Tricks

There are a few things you can start doing to make repurposing content much easier. The following tips and tricks help streamline the process:

Create Podcasts With the Goal to Repurpose

The benefits of setting goals before recording a podcast are in the idea of having a framework to work with. It is easier to plan and organize when you know what you want to accomplish.

Deciding to repurpose content before recording podcasts because it helps you focus on what to talk about. This way, you avoid wasting time on topics that are not relevant.

Most of the successful Omaha Podcasts have learned a few tricks along the way. Filming your podcast vertically is one of those podcast tips!

Film Vertically

Vertical filming is one of the best ways to make sure that your podcast content can be repurposed. It’s not just about the vertical format, but also about how you edit your footage. Vertical videos are easier to edit and trim down for a specific use case.

Benefits of filming a podcast vertically:

  • You can create vertical videos on YouTube, which means more views and potentially more ad revenue
  • Vertical videos are easier to share on social media, which means more engagement and potential for viral growth
  • Vertical videos are better for mobile devices because they don’t have to scroll horizontally
  • Vertical video is perfect for Instagram Stories because it’s square and fits the template perfectly

Ask Questions Specific to Social Media Usage

If you want to create content that is relevant to your audience, you should ask questions specifically for repurposed content. You can also ask guests questions related to the topic of your podcast episode.

There are many benefits of asking questions in a podcast interview. For one, it is a great way to get people talking about the topic on social media and generate more traffic for your show. It also helps the guests by giving them a chance to talk about their expertise and expertise-related topics.

Film Promotional Content at the Same Time

Filming promotional content and podcasts at the same time can be a good way to save time and money. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to create professional-looking content. Recording both at the same time will use fewer resources and help make sure that your videos are of high quality.

Enable Transcriptions While Recording

Transcriptions can help in many ways. They are a great way to have an audio file that is easy to share, search for, and reference. This can also make it easier for listeners to understand what you are saying as well as allow you to correct your words.

Transcription services can provide several benefits such as:

  • Helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Providing transcripts for those who cannot listen to audio files
  • Improving access for people using screen readers

Enabling transcriptions while recording will make it easier later on when you need to pull notes or quotes.

The Best Podcast Production Company in Omaha

seven creators holding podcasting awards in a studio in Omaha

Image: Members of 316 Strategy Group and Two Brothers Creative holding digital awards at the 316 Strategy Group studio in Omaha.

Omaha Podcast Production just got better! 316 Strategy Group and Two Brothers Creative announce a partnership to deliver next-level audio and video podcast production to the Omaha community and beyond.

Two of the area’s most respected and talented digital media firms are joining forces to bring their clients audio and video podcast production that is unmatched in the Omaha Metro area.  Led by Matt Tompkins of Two Brothers Creative, and Joseph Kenney, and Christopher Slater of 316 Strategy Group, this partnership takes podcast production beyond a recording and into the next generation of production, distribution, and overall marketing strategy for business owners and thought leaders.

  • Production of podcasts
  • Distribution of podcasts
  • Marketing of podcasts

With the most advanced and state-of-the-art podcast studios in Omaha, 316 strategy Group in partnership with Two Brothers Creative help you Omaha Podcasts to new heights.

Matt Tompkins, a veteran radio and television broadcaster, is excited about this partnership that has been in development for months in a concerted effort to offer the absolute best production and service to clients.  “We are invested in ways that go beyond the lights, cameras, and microphones.  We are able to bring our expertise and a creative passion to your podcast and deliver a complete scope of services on an ongoing basis,” he said. “This includes weekly sessions to plan your podcast episodes, identify guests, prepare topics, and even critique episodes. We understand the secret to the best podcasts and can help your business set and achieve similar goals of success,” Tompkins further explained.

Get Help With Podcast Services in Omaha

This article covers how to repurpose podcast content. It also discusses the many benefits to personal brands and small businesses that you will see if you decide to do this. We hope you learned everything you ever wanted to know about how to repurpose your content!

If you haven’t, that’s fine too. At 316 Strategy Group, we have expertise in producing podcasts and repurposing content. Our team of experts can consult or assist you in making big moves in your marketing efforts and help you be part of a special group that has launched successful Omaha podcasts.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact us today to discuss our business podcasting services.


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