Yes, running a small business can be a challenge, but we’ve found that one of the best ways to make an impact with our digital strategy business is to first make an impact in the community we serve. We know the and services we offer are relevant to businesses and non-profits in the Omaha metro area. We also know that many in the community are just starting out and don’t have the financial capacity to hire our team of digital strategists. That’s why, , has made a concerted effort to give back 25% of our services to business owners and non-profits who are struggling and in need. Our team is willing to connect with them on a real and meaningful level.

Whether you’re selling magazines or digital services, we encourage you to find a way to connect to the Omaha community in a way they won’t forget. Members of 316 Strategy Group serve as advisors to local, community and non-profit boards. Many boards in the Omaha metro have found it helpful to leverage our social media and video production expertise to increase awareness, drive attendance at events and to increase fundraising dollars.

Our team has taken a special interest in helping two local organizations. Rejuvenating Women, who provides resources for victims of human trafficking, and Chariot’s 4 Hope, who provides transportation, to those in need.

Learn more about Rejuvenating Women

Learn more about Chariots 4 Hope

316 Strategy Group launched a social media campaign aimed at increasing awareness for Rejuvenating Women’s first annual fundraiser. The event was a huge success with over 400 attendees!


Christopher Slater and Joseph Kenney of 316 Strategy Group pictured with Julie Shrader of Rejuvenating Women and Julie Cornell of KETV 7. 316 remains committed to the long-term success of the organization.

316 Strategy Group is dedicated to revealing the unique character attributes of faith-driven businesses in the community. We are also committed to using our resources, when manageable, to provide services to those businesses who need a little helping hand. Often we do this unsolicited and we never meet. Secretly 316 Strategy Group expanded Mockingbird Cupcakes’ digital presence online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online reviews. (Read the rest of the story here)


Martin Bruckner and Joseph Kenney representing 316 and the owners of Mockingbird Cupcakes.

Through a tremendous amount of hard work, good will and prayer, Jason and Michelle Hurt founded Chariots 4 Hope while seeking to make an impact on behalf of those in need in the Omaha/Metro area. The not-for-profit restores vehicles and provides them to individuals who may have fallen on hard times, or who have otherwise been through insufferable circumstances. 316 Strategy Group was inspired by the work being done by the Hurt’s and decided to help out. Our digital team quickly employed a strategy to expand their presence in the digital sphere while providing Chariots 4 Hope with a professional video that could be used for raising awareness and fundraising. Read the rest of the story here.

Chariots 4 Hope is committed to restoring lives in Omaha

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